The Term Rasayana is split up into rasa and ayana, rasa meaning nourishing fluid or nutrient fluid, elsewhere ayana means a path or way. Thus rasayana therapy helps in boosting our immune system and vital force of life. Ojus provides sharper memory, increase the performance, brighter look and pleasures. This rasayana treatment in Ayurveda is practiced from the olden days to till now; it gives nourishment to lymph, adipose tissue, muscles, blood and semen. With the help of rasayana therapy you can stay away from chronic degenerative diseases. Rasayana helps in delaying ageing and also aids to live a longer life healthily. Thus good quality for our body is obtained through rasayana. These treatments also help out in keeping one strengthen and intellectual.

Types of Rasayana

  • Kutipraveshika– In this type of rasayana, treatment is given inside the body (Trigarbha kuti).
  • Vataatapika- In this type of rasayana treatment given on outside body, example amlaki chuma.
  • Dronipraveshika – In this method certain specific herbal juice is administered to the patient, which later enter the droni ( covered boat like), by doing this type of therapy one can get improved wellbeing of both physically and mentally, intelligence get improved, sense organs gets enlighten, overall health is improved and life span is enhanced.
  • Achara Rasayana- To balance of mind, body and spirit in this rasayana spiritual and psychological health is used, in this rasayana nothing is given to patient to ingest, that’s the highlight of this therapy.
  • Ajasrika Rasayana- The quality of life of an individual can be improved well by this rasayana; it involves healthy way of eating, exercise and lifestyle modification.
  • Naimittika Rasayana– This treatment helps to prevent the onset of disease and cure the diseased condition.
  • Kamya Rasayana- This type of rasayana helps to satisfy one’s wishes, this type of rasayana gives social health, provides mental health and overall physical health is enhanced, thus providing a longer life with delayed in ageing process.

Rasa shastra

Rasayana Therapy

Rasayana is done with pearls, herbs, corals, gems, minerals and mercury. In this mercury is a toxic substance, it should not be consumed. There is a process called samskara in which this harmful mercury is detoxified, not only mercury also some other herbs that is detoxified and purified by it. Before period this samskara is carried out using prayers to detoxify, while now a days samskara is done by using magic spells. Medicinal tincture is made using rasa shastra method. This method is also called by the name science of mercury. In this rasa shastra other metals like copper, silver, zinc, arsenic, gold, iron, tin, bell metal and lead. The other substances like pearls, water, salts, seashells, corals and gems are mixed together along with herbs in this rasa shastra process.


Rasayana Therapy

In this process all ingredients are mixed well, then calcination is done, in which heat is given by ignition process on metals directly. In rasayana this bhasma is also known as shodhana. The meaning of it is purification; the unwanted dirt’s and unwanted quality or bad quality of the ingredients is removed thus enhancing the curing power, curing power especially through the active ingredients in it.

In ayurveda this rasayana is the third essential procedure which is carried on for rejuvenation, here herbal medicines are given inside the body, in rasayana therapy there is three essential steps carried on they are cleansing, alleviation and providing mental health. Thus rasayana therapy aims at providing the full nourishment to the human body. One can attain a state of healthy mind and body through this rasayana treatment. The herbs widely used in this therapy are Panax ginseng, Raponticum carthamoides, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Ocimum sanctum and Withania somnifera. These herbs have higher potential and rejuvenation properties. This ayurvedic preparation provides best in quality of dietary supplements made out of herbs, so completely safe.

Rasayana therapy for skin

These therapies are meant for rejuvenation of your skin, preservation and help to delay the ageing process naturally, thereby making you look younger.

Rasayana chiktisa and its Uses

  • Rejuvenation treatment.
  • Revitalizes the functions of body.
  • Mental competence is improved.
  • Makes skin beautiful and glowing.
  • Intellectual property is enhanced.
  • Body gets good nourishment and thereby chronic disorders are prevented.
  • Immunity power is enhanced in body.
  • Physical strength is improved.
  • Body functions are restored.
  • Relaxation therapy.
  • Gives younger looking skin for ever.
  • Anti-ageing property.
  • Energy is preserved.
  • Helps in repairing the body tissues.

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