Things every couple needs to know to maintain a relationship

Relationship Goals

Five years later after your marriage and still facing issues to understand each other. Life is not all about getting married and having kids it is more about understanding each other.

Why are divorce cases increasing?

Divorce, when the couple mutually decided to move out from the relationship. A relationship should always form with mutual understanding and love not with the force. Sometimes what happens is a girl or a boy just gets agreed for a marriage because their parents want them too. Commitment to a person whom they personally never met to, never spend time with only their parents has taken the decision for their marriages.

I m not saying this is the only reason for raising divorce or broken relationships. Take your own time and decide. Make your parents understand what your likes and dislikes. Present your point of you, open up yourself in front of your guardians this is the right time to speak up about your likes and dislikes, about your passion, about your dream you have planned to achieve. Plan and achieve it.

How beautiful it is to have someone in your life that cares for you as much as he/she love himself. To find that right person isn’t that difficult, just judge a person wisely.

What you should do to maintain a healthy relationship

1. Know each other before marriage: First and foremost don’t take a decision in hurry. You have to spend your life with each other. Get married, only when you are ready for it.

2. Become friends first: I believe that any relationship starts with friendship. If you are good friends first your relationship will last long. Friendship is a bond in which nobody has to hide anything, you can be yourself, you can exchange your thoughts your opinions without being judged. Friendship is the key to any relation.

3. Personal Space: Even good friends need their space. You have to understand the person you love. Two people can’t think or act same. Everyone has their own abilities to do things. Always give space to your partner. She/he can go with his/her group of friends. Yes, your presence is not required everywhere.

4. Trust: This 5 letter word has a lot to say. Trust your partner, sometimes over possessiveness can kill your relation.

5. Spend some quality time with each other: Hassle and stressed life should not affect your relation. If you are coming back from office after doing 9 hours of hectic work, just make sure you don’t bring that hectic work to your home and instead spend quality time with your partner. Go out for dates, travel the world together.

Little things in life matter a lot. Sometimes those small initiatives give your life a reason to live. It is very difficult to find a person who loves you more than him/her and if you are that lucky person then start valuing the person in your life.

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