Teeth Whitening Home Remedies 



Tooth decay is the conditioning of your tooth enamel and refers to the damage of the structure of the tooth caused by the acids that are made when plaque microscopic organisms separate sugar in your mouth.

When the tooth is frequently exposed to acids

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प्‍लाक plaque

मुंह के प्‍लाक को 1 मिनट में दूर करता है ये नुस्‍खा

ब्रशिंग, फ़्लॉसिंग, और माउथवॉश

दांतों को साफ करने के लिए आप क्‍या-क्‍या नही

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The medical term for swollen gums is gingival swelling. This is really a big discomfort, since the affected person with swollen gums feels difficult to eat the food or even to drink cool water. You feel discomfort and scarred after getting this swollen gums, you may be worried of going t

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Super home remedies to whiten your teeth

A smiling face is always preferred. The smiling face is the symptom of happiness and purity. The beauty of the smile diminishes with yellow teeth.

Teeth are a very important organ of our body, without them our appearance looks very bad. If you do not

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Common oral conditions and here’s how you can manage them!

Out of all the disorders, dental issues are the one which is not given much importance unless there is some kind of the pain in the same!

The moment you get any pain in your teeth, that’s when you remember a dentist!

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Astonishing link between your Weight & Your Teeth

There are many things that affect a human being either slightly or tremendously. Whether or not he is willing to face those things in life all these things come into his life, where some bring in consequences and some bring in solutions. Weight is the increased mass of a body happens rapidly after intake of food in a w
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    Effective Teeth Whitening Remedies

    All of us face constant pressure to look our best every day. Whether at office, college or even amongst your friends, there is a constant rat race to stand out when it comes to looking glamorous and keeping up with the latest trends. Also, showbiz is influencing our lives in such a way that we cannot stay unaffected even if we desire to.

    One such thing that every person (irrespective of being a man or woman) longs for is to have a set of perfect pearly white teeth. However, how many people do we come across in our daily lives that actually have a set of absolutely flawless naturally white teeth? Fewer than a few, isn’t it? We dream about it day in, day out. Most of us do not have the patience or time to really take care of our precious ivories. Bleaching is touted to be as one of the most common teeth whitening remedies. However, experts are constantly found warning their clients about its hazards.

    We at eyogguroo, are sharing some teeth whitening home remedies that are sure to provide you with the desired results.

    Teeth Whitening Home Remedies :

    1) Activated Charcoal

    Dubbed as the latest wonder ingredient in the beauty world, activated charcoal helps pull stains away from your teeth along with balancing the PH level in your mouth.You can purchase toothpaste containing activated charcoal or go for the powdered form available on various e-commerce websites available at affordable prices.

    2) Baking Soda:

    Although considered to be very abrasive for the enamel, Baking Soda is proven to be soft on your teeth scientifically. Mix a small tablespoon of baking soda with lime and salt. Brush your teeth with this mixture twice daily.

    3) Clay:

    Particularly known for its anti-abrasive properties, clay is also well-known for its cleaning efficiency. While any type of clay shall do the job well, White Kaolin clay is known to be the best for absorbing teeth-stains.

    Eyogguroo hopes that these teeth whitening remedies can come in handy. Be sure to leave us your comments below about the effectiveness of these remedies.

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