Learn various Home Remedies to Remove Tan

Worried about your skin here is how you can deal with sun tan

Living in India and worried about tanned skin is the main worry for most of the people. Summers are here and except few places like hills station almost every city and state have 39-40 degrees of temperature. And you know even 2 mins of sun rays which contain UV rays can have a terrific impact on your skin. Go through the health benefits of kiwi fruit, which is also useful for your skin.

Harmful effects of Sun Rays

Ultra violet rays containing (UVA and UVB) of the sun increases melanin amount in the skin that leads to darkening of the skin exposed to the sunlight. Except tanning, there are some more side effects of the ultraviolet rays like Acne, Pimples, Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, Hyperpigmentation and skin burn.

Home remedies to remove tan with natural ingredients

Besan (Gram Flour) and a pinch of turmeric

home remedies to remove tan

Gram flour deals best with tanned skin and if added with turmeric can give a glow to your skin. Take two tablespoons of Besan and mix it either water or milk and add in pinch of turmeric to it. Apply on the skin and leave it till dry. Turmeric adds a healthy glow to the skin and besan helps to remove the tan.

Fullers’s Earth Multani Mitti

home remedies to remove tan

Fuller’s earth always comes on the top list when we talk about skin care. Easily available in stores and is also very cheap to buy. This type of clay makes your skin smooth and helps reduce skin irritation and acne. This is the best home remedies to remove tan.

Aloe Vera

home remedies to remove tan

A plant which is moreover used in various beauty products. The main quality of aloe vera is to make the skin smooth and clear. One can buy aloe vera gel from the market or can use the leaf of the plant directly by peeling it from the middle. Aloe vera balances your skin tone and fight against sun tan if used daily.

Papaya and Honey face pack

home remedies to remove tan 

The tastier fruit has other advantages as well, it is sun tan removal. The enzyme in papaya has the ability of skin lightening that helps in removing sun tan and also reduces scars and other facial blemishes.


home remedies to remove tan

Honey and its health benefits are so good. Honey have many qualities like it moisturizes skin and makes it smooth. It is considered as the best moisturizer. Honey can also be applied on your chapped lips.


home remedies to remove tan

Tomato has bleaching agent which works as a skin lightener. It also helps fight against acne and unwanted blemishes. Cut a tomato use its juice. You might feel an irritation on your skin don’t worry that is the indication of bleaching agent in tomato has started working.

Hope this helps, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before heading out in the sun. Cover your face to avoid direct sunlight. Clean your face once back from the work. These simple tricks will help you to keep your skin fresh and younger.

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