The scientific name of curry leaves is Murraya Koenigii Spreng. In Ayurveda curry leaves is considered as an medicinal plant that possess anti-diabetic properties, curry leaves are dense source of beta-carotene, also it contains high levels of protein, amino acids and antioxidants. The high level of amino acids in the curry leaf helps to strengthen the hair. These curry leaves are commonly found in all Indian dishes, they are also rich in calcium, vitamin-A, vitamin-E, vitamin-B, vitamin-C, iron, carbohydrate, fibre and phosphorous. This medicinal herb helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin, also good for keeping your heart healthy and it helps to fight against infections. Curry leaves is called by the name kadi patta. Kadi patta gives an additional flavour to the dishes.

This leaves helps in detoxification and they helps in lowering blood cholesterol too. They are found mostly on the subtropical and in tropical regions. They are good for losing weight, it aids in digestion. Let’s now see how this amazing leaves helps in lowering blood sugar and thereby helping out in managing diabetes. Generally curry leaves are rich source of fibre, fibre helps in slowing the digestion level, they do not fastly metabolise. They help in boosting insulin activity in body.

It is well said that to insulin when the body is responds then that would help to control the blood sugar level. Research study at International journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences shows that in diabetic rats curry leaves has anti-hyperglycaemic property, which helped out in keeping the blood sugar under control. The another study also proved that when curry leaves given at a dose of 200 mg/kilogram/ body weight in a day that shows a lowered levels of glucose levels on blood, this oral administration of curry leaf extract was given for 30 days continuously to get the proven results of low levels in glucose, urea, uric acid and creatinine in blood.


Ways to include curry leaves in your diet

  • Just like that you may eat the curry leaves as such 10 leaves in a day.
  • You can prepare juice out of these leaves and include in your diet.
  • Also try to include this raw curry leaves to your favorite salads and smoothies.
  • Prepare dish out of this leaves and have it as a main course like curry leaf pulao, curry leaves dosa etc.

Other Health Benefits of Curry leaves

1.Helps in improving digestion

Your digestion level can be improved by taking curry leaves in your diet. The fat absorption in body is reduced on proper intake of this kadi patta, which thereby helps in reducing weight. If there is gain in weight, that result in development of diabetes. On regular intake of kadi patta it helps to sort out this diabetes at bay.

2.Helps in Lowering blood cholesterol

Curry leaves have significant role in reducing the cholesterol level in blood. It is rich source of antioxidants; the oxidation of blood cholesterol is prevented by intake of curry leaves. The oxidation of blood cholesterol results in formation of LDL. Curry leaf intake on regular basis helps to increase the good cholesterol level in blood, it also helps to safeguard from the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

3.Prevents greying of hair

The greying of hair can be prevented by including curry leaves in diet, it can also be prepared as curry leaves oil and then applied on hair for reducing the chances of grey hair. Damaged hair can be treated well by this amazing leaves, bounce to the hair can be added by this leaf, thus you can strengthen the hair and also stop the hair fall, also it helps to treat dandruff effectively. Try to include daily curry leaves to your diet to stop all hair problems and also you can apply the oil made from kadi patta to sort out these hair issues at bay.

4.Eye sight can be improved.

5.Stress level can be reduced by taking curry leaves regularly on your diet.

6.Wounds can be healed and burns can be healed by making a paste out of curry leaves and water, then you can apply this kadi patta paste on the wounds and burn regions to make the healing faster.

7.Bacteria Can be Eliminated

In our human body many diseases are the results of infections or due to the damage caused due to oxidative damage, the carbazole alkaloids found in kadi patta has the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the linolol present in curry leaves possess the property to destroy the bacteria. This compound gives the leaves typical flavor to the curry leaves. Harmful free radicals can be eliminated from the body with the help of this linolol.

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