Say a Big Ta – Ta to Skin Tan

Girls summers are here but are you ready to wear your shorts and cut sleeves tops out in this scorching heat and expose all your body to the sun tan. NO, right? But, this summer you can. No more carrying stoles with you and wearing those long gloves, and take out all your loved clothes as it’s time to do friendship with the Sun this summer.

Here are some easy to follow home remedies  and beauty tips for gorgeous skin in which you can remove your tanning:-

Lemon, the best of all

Lemon is the best source of sun tan removal. We can apply directly on the area and if applied regularly it will start giving you results soon. Always remember that if applied on face, do not rub it under your eyes.

Cucumber extract

Cucumber too lends a hand when talking about the cures of removing tanning. Easiest way to apply is to take out a thick juice of cucumber along with some of its pulp. Along with the removal of tan, cucumber also adds freshness to the face and makes you look refreshed and revives your skin.

White milk – white face

Milk can remove all the blackness from the body. Take some non-boiled milk in a small cup and dip some cotton in the milk and then gently apply this cotton on face. You can actually see the blackness being removed from face as it sticks all in the cotton.

Papaya will add the glow

This fruit can give you instant results. People call it a ‘wonder fruit’. It helps in lightening the color of the skin and also adds glow to the face. It also helps in moisturizing the skin and removes the tan completely from the skin.

Potato juice can make you do ‘awe’

Take a potato, cut it into half and then then apply it on your face. The potato juice is very beneficial in removing the tanning and you will be able to see the results soon. You can also apply this juice in your underarms and it can give you clean and lightened underarms.

‘Haldi’ has it all

Still dreaming about a tan free face with the extra shine, then rush to your kitchen and pick up turmeric powder and mix it with milk. Leave it for some time and then rinse with water, you can actually see the spark in your face. Haldi also makes the skin look healthy.

Give your skin sandalwood touch

Sandal wood has been very effective and it widely used in beauty products. It is considered t be col and gives immense coolness whenever applied. Skin becomes lively joyous. It should be applied before sleeping; you can actually have a peaceful sleep.

Honey-Make your cheeks glow

Honey is also a good cure to remove sun tan from our skin. It is usually mixed with other items like cucumber or papaya and then applied on face. Honey makes our skin radiant, our cheeks actually start shining and for all the girls who want a perfect picture, honey can be your best friend.

So girls, it’s time to take the mirror challenge and ask it “who’s the prettiest of all?

The answer would be “you”, if you can follow these tips; your call!


Sakshi Jain

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    Good write-up. I certainly love this site. Thanks!


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