Yoga is in our lives since time immortal and it was developed in the Indus – Sarasvati civilization in the Northern India. The existence is known more than 5,000 years ago and is also mentioned in our sacred texts of Rig Veda. Yoga is said to enhance our spiritual and mental powers.

Today our modern science has confirmed that practicing yoga improves brain functioning and makes the bones denser. As per a report by American council, more than 11 million Americans practice yoga every day.

While yoga may look like only a few body-bowing activities to the typical eye, a great deal goes on under the skin when you curve your appendages and intentionally relax. Likewise, yoga isn’t only a lot of asanas that one performs on the tangle, yet rather a lifestyle. With a sound body and quiet personality, one will undoubtedly carry on a more joyful and peaceful life.

There are a lot of major benefits of Yoga that we never thought of:

  • Yoga helps in reducing stress by lowering the heart rate, blood pressure and boosts proper respiration in the human body. This mitigates daily anxiety and depression. When the body is under stress, it secretes a hormone called cortisol. This disturbs the functioning of our body in long term. Yoga helps in reducing this stress level of a person by lowering down the secretion of cortisol in the body and keeps the body calm. Yoga directs the creation of cortisol, therefore boosting immunity.


  • Yoga helps in balancing the emotions and sparks the nervous system. This is responsible for calming down the human body. This helps in restoration and healing the body. With yoga the blood is conducted towards the endocrine glands, digestive organs and lymphatic circulation. Practicing yoga regularly lowers the heart rate, helps in absorbing the nutrients in food easily.


  • The MRI scans have proved that the people who practice yoga regularly have more gray matter i.e more brain cells than the people who don’t practice it. Studies show that with the increase in number of hours of practice per week, certain areas of brain became larger confirming the impact of yoga on brain. Yogis have bigger cerebrum volume in the locales that contain mental mapping of our body, associated with coordinating consideration, basic to hosing pressure, and regions key to our idea of oneself.


  • Yoga makes one mindful to the present minute and gives more mindfulness towards negative contemplation’s and the capacity to relinquish them for self-safeguarding.

Each type of Yoga asana helps has a different focus point in the body and helps in a different way. People may select as per their convenience and comfort.


Ashtanga Yoga

This is one of the style of yoga. If this sanskriti word is translated to English, it means “Eight Limb Path”. This majorly involves high level of physical exercises. This style is not recommended to beginners as strong exercise is required and it requires great experience too. Vinyasa style yoga develops from Ashtanga yoga as the flowing style linking breath to movement is similar. It is also known as power yoga as it is fast paced and rigorous.


Vinyasa Yoga

This word means -to place in a special way, which are the yoga postures. This style suits more of athletes and it was stemmed out Ashtang yoga style in 1980s. This style requires a complete coordination in breath and the posture movements thus it is based on a series of poses called the sun salutations.


Anusara Yoga

This is the modern day version of yoga and it is similar to vinyasa style. In this focus is on the mind-body-heart connection and majorly on the body movements. The attention is on the heart opening and is recommended for the people who are suffering from any kind of heart disease.


Iyengar Yoga

This is type of yoga highlights he holding of poses over a long time. This style is recommended to the people who have injuries and chronic illnesses. This style of yoga is typically instructed without music and at a slower pace intended to help understudies to get further into the stances.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of those baffling yoga rehearses that is as otherworldly as it is physical. This structure is physically requesting and rationally difficult and includes a great deal of contemplation, reciting, mudras and breathing activities. The general purpose if this style is to discharge the kundalini vitality that is wound in the lower spine. You need to complete a ton of quick moving stances with times of unwinding where you will be instructed to focus on inner sensations and the stream of innovative vitality so you can take advantage of your kundalini-shakti. This style is for the individuals who are searching for in excess of an exercise.

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