What is Self-Harm and Why People Do It?

Recently a game named – “Blue Whale” is the matter of discussion. In this game, the player has to perform a number of tasks and in the last has to commit suicide. All the tasks are related to self-harm. So, the question is what is self-harm and why people do it?

Self-injury or self-harm shows a condition in which a person intentionally hurts himself. About 1 in 100 people hurt themselves in this manner. Women are more likely to hurt themselves than men. Generally, people who hurt themselves do not want to kill themselves. But if they are not helped, they are more at risk of committing suicide.

Self-harm can be initiated in the early years of adolescence or adulthood. Many people stop after a while trying to hurt themselves. Other people stay engaged in it for a long time and they have a problem to stop.

Examples of self-harm include the following:

  • Cutting yourself (like using a blade, knife, or other sharp objects to cut the skin)
  • Kill yourself or kill things (like wall)
  • Burning yourself with cigarettes, matches or candles
  • Draw your hair
  • Pushing things with the holes in your body
  • Breaking your bone or injuring yourself
  • Many people cut themselves because they feel relieved because of them. Many people bite themselves to face their problems. Some teens say that by hurting themselves, they try to eliminate the feeling of loneliness, anger or frustration.

It is possible to control the desire to hurt yourself. There are many other ways to get relief and deal with emotions. Consultation can be helpful.

Why People do self-harm?


Self-harm can be done due to many reasons such as depression, stress, failures and many more. Some of the reasons are:

1.Due to extreme stress

People also hurt themselves due to this reason, and they think that by doing so they will control the situation. As if a person has passed through a horrific situation or environment, and he remembers that pain, in that case, he hurts himself. This makes him feel that his old pain (which is much bigger than this small injury) will get away. This situation is seen repeatedly with rape victims. Because of this terrible feeling, this small injury is very painful.

2.Due to illness

People also injure themselves due to illness. “Smith Magni’s syndrome” is a disease that makes the sufferer hurt himself. In this disease, there is a chromosome in the body which does not realize the pain at all. In such situation, when he injures himself, he does not feel his pain. Patients like licking the head on the wall, licking themselves, cutting the skin with the mouth, sticking hair, and do such things.

3.Unpleasant Shock

Shock occurs only when its feeling is very bad. A person with a shock sometimes loses his passion. In such a situation, his mind becomes embarrassed and he cannot understand what he is doing. In such a situation, when he acts as an injury to himself, it is linked to his old mental wounds. In such a situation person finds himself alone and tortures himself, gives pain to himself to recover from it.

4.Lack of skills

Sometimes people hurt themselves because of they are a lack of skills for any tasks. They do not have any knowledge or skills inside them, they will not be able to speak properly. Because of this, they become frustrated and harm themselves. This happens because whatever they learn, they cannot keep them in front of the world and indulge inside. Because of this, they unintentionally injure themselves.

5.Punish themselves

‘London Dreams’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ If you have seen both of these films, then you will remember that the artists give themselves punishment. They do this because they feel that they are committing mistakes or they are involved in wrong things. This is not just the story of the film but the truth too. When a person imposes himself in the activity of the outside world and feels that the bad things are happening due to him, then he himself takes action to hurt himself. People do not hurt themselves due to lack of goals, failing everywhere and for other reasons.

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