What is sexting?

Sending sexual messages which may or may not be attached with nude or semi-nude pictures through mobile or the internet is basically called sexting. It is very common among teenagers, people usually do sexting with their boyfriends, girlfriends, people they meet online, any friend for fun or there may be many other reasons. There may be various reasons as to why people do sexting like trust, pleasure but according to the survey. It is being concluded that teenagers usually do sexting under peer pressure. It is because they believe that everybody else is doing.

Is sexting legal?

According to law, sending, exchanging or even keeping a nude picture of anybody is illegal if you are below eighteen years of age. It all amounts to a type of child sexual abuse which is punishable by law with imprisonment up to seven years or both. It does not matter whether the person has consented to the exchange or not if you are below eighteen it is illegal. In some countries, this age is below sixteen years of age. However, according to a recent survey, it was concluded that there are very few people below sixteen who do sexting.

Why do people even try to do sexting?

Talking is all about expressing their feeling, people use different medium so as to say what they feel. People opt for sexting because they believe that they can more confidently and efficiently communicate by seeing each other. But some people feel that it is better to communicate in text or chat. Rather, seeing each other’s face usually, they are the one who has low confidence level according to the survey.

In the 21st century everybody in their daily life chats online for some of the other reason and for some it is very casual to share their pictures on the social platform. They believe it is just like texting or having a conversation with our followers. And for them do sexting is only a step forward in which they believe it is no big deal.

How is sexting harmful?

After sharing the picture is the point when the things go wrong and situation becomes out of control. If you have sent the picture there may be no returning back. Because there is no guarantee that the person to whom you have to send. It will delete the same or will not share with anyone further. If you have uploaded the picture on any social network you never know that somebody else has not yet copied. Online three options are available to everybody that says cut, copy and save.

These images are further circulated to the larger public, people are tortured and blackmailed. Because such kind of pictures which may lead to cyberbullying or to the extreme case extortion. It means that the victims are being blackmailed emotionally, sexually or for money.

Just remember whenever anybody suggests you do sexting learn to say no. You can inform the elder people in the family. Make sure of the privacy while uploading anything online. If you like this content, check out more articles and comment below.


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