Sipping Hot Tea by Smokers & Drinkers Increase the Chance of Oesophageal Cancer

Many of us love to have hot tea immediately after getting up in the morning, drinking hot tea immediately after switching off flame is something really a difficult task, even some people are there, they don’t prefer hot cups of tea, only tea in moderate hotness they could enjoy, by drinking hot tea in morning may provide you good relaxation, hydration and overall health is enhanced. Different types of tea are available now, you can choose according to your favorite flavor. Without brushing teeth still many person prefer to have hot cup of tea. Tea is also known as a “wonder beverage”. Yes it does wonders to human body, when done in proper way with the necessary ingredient in it.

A person who smokes and takes regular alcohol in his diet when he sips hot tea nicely, it could develop in to oesophageal cancer, this is a research study recently found, It is a proved result too. Only when you do this smoking along with drinking alcohol daily plus having hot cups of tea, can lead to cancer. Need not worry if you have the habit of sipping tea hot alone which is not going to do any ill effects to your health.

International Agency for Cancer Research states that approximately four lac people lost their life due to this deadly oesophagus cancer. For doing this research, researchers taken ten years of time. They found in the research that the participants who had taken alcohol, smoking along with hot cup of tea sipping are five times more prone to oesophageal cancer risk, those participants of research study, who had not taken any of the three things, had decreased chances of oesophageal cancer and they remain much healthier.


The hazardous chemical which is present in cigarette and alcohol when taken along with the hot tea, that thermal effect found in hot tea, all together could lead to cancer risk higher. Tea is such an awesome drink, it is found in a survey that tea remains the 2nd most consumed beverage in worldwide, thousand five hundred teas are found in our universe, in this herbal made teas are still not included, so see how many varieties of tea is found in our whole world. Just to give as refreshment and enhance health tea remains the perfect choice for everyone.

Let’s see the health benefits of drinking tea

  • Cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Cancer prevention
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Death rate get’s lowered
  • Acts as a natural brain booster
  • Flu virus growth get’s inhibited
  • Lowers the LDL cholesterol in blood
  • Plaque occurrence in tooth are lowered
  • Blood sugar level is maintained
  • Aids in natural weight loss
  • Fluid balance of our human body is maintained
  • Stress level is lowered
  • Immunity power is increased
  • Good microbes are formed well in gut
  • Helps in proper bowel assistance
  • Food borne bacteria were fought well

From all the teas, green tea stands first in health promotion by decreasing the disease occurrence in human being. It simply improves our immune response, thereby maintaining a healthy immune system. Severe coffee lovers will also have a mind to taste at least one cup of tea, yes tea has a strong aroma, which increase the appetite of person and increase the urge to drink tea as soon as possible. Tea has more antioxidant in it, that all necessary for protecting human life. In a day 2-3 cups of tea would be sufficient, don’t go more than it, best suggestion is prefer to have green tea in your diet, and it tastes bitter but promotes good health. Secondly opt for black tea; this also has good healing power.


Just imagine in a very cold climate period, enjoying your favorite cup of tea really gives you warmness and adds refreshment to you. Drinking tea is really beneficial to your health, drinking hot tea is not going to do any dangerous actions in your body, but if you combine and have along with alcohol and cigarette, then you’re at the own risk of developing oesophageal cancer. So those persons if are doing all these three then please eliminate alcohol and quit smoking. They are not going to do any wonders, but they make blunders in human body. Why you want to complicate your body and suffer after getting it, remember you’re going to lose life, when life is gone, how can you relish this one?

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