Rainy season is loved by every one of us; we welcome this period and even awaiting for this moment. You can best enjoy this weather with a cup of hot tea or coffee, additionally you can eat snacks that are hot which gives you warmth. After this severe summer season, you can say good bye to those sweaty days. Rainy season gives you a relief from those sweats. You may enjoy the climate but it too can harm your skin, where you need to pay attention on your skin care during monsoon. There are chances of getting ringworm infection, athlete’s foot, acne etc. The chances of infection are double during this period, so you need to take care of your skin on rainy season. Simply you can use kitchen ingredients and maintain your skin, keep it clean and fresh.

Best Skin Care Tips for Rainy Season



Tomatoes can bring wonders to your skin; it gives skin rejuvenation, hydration and fresh. Take pulp of tomato or juice of tomato and just apply it directly on face, then allow it to dry. By doing so you face get fresh, clear and radiantly glows. You can very well maintain skin on this rainy season by following this home remedy.

Fruit Pack

Fruit Pack

Fruit packs are loaded with the beneficial properties of nourishing nutrients that helps to nourish your skin and take care well during monsoon or rainy season. Fruits like pineapple, watermelon, papaya and apple can do real magic on your skin. The pulp of all fruits to be collected and gently applied on skin, let it remain on skin for half an hour, then you can wash with normal water. It nourishes the skin and keeps it healthier and free from damages on skin.

Honey Pack


Natural homemade pack which can be easily prepared at home is honey pack, for this you need honey, oatmeal, curd and orange juice. Just mix all ingredients together in a bowl, now you can apply it on face evenly and allow them to dry. Afterwards you may wash it off the pack with water. This has real effect on skin, you can see the difference and how your skin gets glowing radiantly after trying out this simple remedy.

Jojoba Oil


Those who suffer from dry skin problems, then this jojoba oil usage on skin can help them a lot. You can prepare simple mask out of honey, jojoba oil and yogurt. Now you can apply this on neck and face thoroughly, let it remain on skin for ten to fifteen minutes. By doing this skin is hydrated well, moisture level is maintained on skin and thereby side effects of dry skin are tackled.



Almonds are an excellent ingredient to keep your skin nourished, enriched and look beautiful. For this you need almonds that to be crushed along with few honey added to it, you can now apply this on your face and neck and give good massage. Then wash it off in water.



Oils like orange oil or jojoba oil along with rose water can be mixed well and applied on face and neck evenly and allow it to remain on skin for 20-30 minutes. It helps to moisturize the skin, thus it acts as a good moisturizer, and then you may wash face with water.

Natural Scrub

Face to be scrub well with ingredients like papaya and oatmeal and then wash it with water well. By doing so, your skin gets exfoliated.

  • Quit smoking, since it can affect your skin, causes dehydration on skin. When dehydration occurs on skin, the skin becomes dull in look and even looks odd. The natural glow on your face is affected by smoking. So better you can stay away from those smoking.
  • Alcohol also to be avoided in diet, it too has the same effect on skin like smoking, so you can say good bye to alcohol too and keep your skin healthier and glowing during monsoon season.
  • Try to keep your skin dry during rainy season, because during this time there are chances of more fungal infections, wetness in your skin can cause easily fungal infection, so prevent these infections.
  • Proper cleansing of your face on regular basis is must, which could help in keeping your skin hydrated, glowing and keeps your skin fresher. After cleansing your face, never forget to use a toner. Skin toner helps in preventing acne on skin and also pH of skin can be kept in balance level.
  • Try to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, whatever maybe the season, but you must include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to keep your skin looking naturally glowing and healthier. Avoid junk foods.

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