Small steps to manage your blood sugar level

Limited blood sugar helps a person to live a healthy life and a tension free life. Everybody wants to live a healthy life and tension free life.

Blood sugar is also called Type2 diabetes. This type 2 diabetes occurs when your body is incapable of removing sugar from your blood for making it useful in some other body function. This happens only when your body is not sensitive to insulin or when it starts to react in a late way to change your blood sugar. When your fasting, the sugar test level is more than 126 mg/dl that means you are having diabetes and when your blood test results in any time of the day are more than 200 mg/dl indicates that you are having diabetes.

For controlling it, you must do exercise daily which will help you to reduce your weight and this is very much important to manage your blood sugar level and it will help you to live healthily.

You should control your diet for managing your blood sugar. You must eat the food recommended by the specialist E.G. eat healthy food like vegetables, nutritious food, vegetables. Eating fiber is also good for managing it.

You should drink properly in a limited manner. Excessive drinking of alcohol increases your blood pressure and again it falls down. When the sugar level falls down it leads to “hypoglycemia”. Drinking in a limited manner does not affect sugar level.

Medication recommended by the doctors helps you to control the blood sugar level. Specialists recommend different medicine at different level like biguanide, sulfonylurea, meglitinide,  thiazolidinedione’s, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, dpp4 inhibitors, sglt2 inhibitors, insulin etc.


The increase in sugar level makes a person’s life unhealthy and a stress full life. If you want to manage it, then you have clicked the right post. Here is the healthy eating plan you should follow this chart for stabilizing your blood sugar level.

1.Eat healthily.  If you love less healthy food then reduce the amount of consumption of less healthy food.

2.Start consuming the maximum amount of carbohydrate. Eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, legumes increases the amount of carbohydrates. These are the rich sources of minerals, iron, protein etc.

3.Reduce the consumption of sugar. Sugar and sweet products like ice cream, cold drinks, cold coffee should be reduced in consumption. Occasionally you can consume but not regularly

4.Reduce the use of fat grams. You have to reduce the consumption of cheese, sour cream, etc. These contain fat which affects your blood sugar level.

5.Reduce the amount of salt and sodium. Reduce the amount of salt in cooking. Stop taking restaurant meals. Cook at home.

These are the ways you must follow to see a change in your blood sugar level and it will help you to manage it. Eat healthily and a happy life. I hope my article will be helpful for you. What are you waiting? Help your friends to share it with them. Read more articles here( Diet plays a very important role in any disease, so in diabetes! , जानिए कैसे होता है डायबिटीज(Diabetes) – इससे पहले हो जाए देर (मधुमेह का बचाव ).

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