It is very shocking news found in a recent research that when continuous usage of mobile phones that too on increased level can harm your brain, heart and adrenal gland. Very high level of RFR (Radio frequency radiation) which is used on all 3G and 2G mobile phones would enhance the occurrence of cancerous growth in heart, brain and adrenal glands. In one study conducted by US National Institute of Health’s National Toxicology Programme found that when high level of RFR is passed on the rodents throughout the body it causes cancerous tumour in the heart, adrenal gland and brain region. While when examined on human being cancerous growth occurred but rarely. The occurrence of cancer was found clearly and increased in number on male rats than the female rats.

This increased a scare among human being, but scientist says that humans get exposed to radio frequency radiation only on the local tissue regions, while on testing rodents RFR is passed on their entire body, so all parts can get affected by the harmful radiation that result in fast occurrence of cancerous growth in the rodents body. So we humans are not fully affected by this RFR, which made the study to state that in humans this RFR when comes from mobile phones usage caused cancer rarely.

The researchers made a specifically designed chamber for testing the rodents, RFR are exposed to them entirely from the womb stage itself, which continued to up to one or two years in sometimes till their lifetime period. The RFR is passed for ten minutes, ten minutes on and for ten minutes off, in a day for totally 9 hours of RFR exposure on rodents. The RFR range will be from 1.5 to 6 watts/kilogram on rats while 2.5 to 10 watts kilogram on mice. The research also found clearly that this RFR exposure caused tumours in male rats, in female rats the onset of cancer is doubtful and not yet clear.

It is a wonder happened in a study which made it interesting, that is which rats underwent RFR exposure lived longer life period, than the rats which is not exposed to RFR. It is also very clearly mentioned in a study that this research was not conducted to test safety of the mobile phones usage on human beings, thus thereby cannot conclude the study by stating that it increases the risk of cancer in human being, only on rodents it is found well. Thus this study states that the duration and frequency of RFR is high on rodents, which is less on human beings. These factors concluded the study that it can’t apply these criteria of Radio frequency radiation exposure on human beings says researchers clearly.

Does Mobile Phones cause you Cancer?

The radiation which comes from mobile phones is week and it does not have sufficient energy to damage the DNA, thereby it couldn’t cause cancer directly on human beings.

Still if you’re worrying of RFR then do these steps to safeguard

  • You can reduce the mobile phones usage in a day, which would lessen the exposure of radiation.
  • Try to use speaker mode while answering a call or you can use headset better, this will keep your head region slighter distance from the mobile phones, which could definitely minimize the RFR exposure. So don’t hesitate start following it.
  • Anything used in higher level can cause harmful to your health, so best use less of mobile and you can better stay blessed and safeguarded. But cancerous possibilities are comparatively less in human beings.

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