Stay Active When You Sit At Work

Nowadays life has turned to be more busy and too many hours of works have taken their place in our life. From sleeping in our bed to again coming and sitting on our chairs at work is the only lifestyle people are staying now. A sedentary and a harmful life. So, Stay Active At Work!

What are the various effects of Sitting at work:

1) Too much of sitting at work: At work we sit down and due to which we tend to avoid walking and exercising which makes weight management difficult for us! Sitting in one place for hours increases blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels too as sitting in one place due to stress levels food intake increases rapidly.

2) No Proper Desks: Basically standing up desk have become a trend in Australia and many other companies too. Stand up desks actually improve the back and the neck pain that may be caused due to prolonged periods of sitting in one place for hours and hours. Due to no proper desk and chair arrangement also many body pain issues arise.

3) No proper track of work: Some people tend to just do their work and do not keep a track of what has to be done in how much time limit. Yet a proper schedule shall be helpful to avoid long hours of sitting in one place. A walk during the lunch time will be helpful. Stretch yourself well while sitting for a while. Walk some distance even though you think of taking a rick bus or a car.

What can be the various ways of keeping it active while a stressful day in office:

1) Take hourly breaks: In a hectic schedule find some way to take proper breaks for yourself. Walk for some time so that it regulates your blood flow and circulation. Remind yourself about this.

2) Stand instead of sit: See to it that you go for standing desks other than the sitting ones. Where sitting in one place can cause various issues in your body, standing will be a cure.

3) Take stairs instead of elevators: Even though you have elevators see to it that you use stairs will be some time that you take out for your own self. As taking out time for exercises is not possible in a busy schedule this will be an help. Climbing up the stairs improves stairs and helps the body to develop its immune system. This also increases your pulse and heart rate too.

4) Try out some exercises for at least 10 minutes: Try out some exercises, physical activities and mental exercises work well which reduce stress and help you to perform well in the remaining day. A walk even for 10 minutes will be helpful. This helps to boost the body and increases energy levels.

5) Schedule your daily task: Scheduling your daily task will help you manage your time well which will help you to stay a stress free lifestyle. Scheduling appointments and meetings help you manage things well.

Final Thoughts

Always help yourself with innovative ideas so that you keep yourself active in the busy day that is there ahead waiting for you. Stay active stay calm stay organised. If you like our content, comment below. You can read more articles about fitness ( Plyometric Exercises for Cardio Workout , Boost your immune system with exercises! ) .

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