Cardiovascular diseases are the deadliest disease in the whole world. Due to blood vessels getting narrowed, heart diseases occur. The narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the heart makes it difficult to supply blood, making more strain on it. Thus results in cardiovascular diseases. When this heart disease is not treated in times, that could lead to heart failure and finally death will arise. Hypertension, rise in blood cholesterol, smoking, family history of cardiovascular diseases are the top most causative factor in heart diseases.

On proper diet pattern, medication and physical activity one can reduce the symptoms of heart disease, in early stage if taken necessary steps, one can save their life from this deadliest disease. Here come a wonderful health tonic which is completely natural, that is made easily at home, which has huge powerful action in preventing against cardiovascular diseases.

This health tonic is very old remedy and started originated in Germany. Let’s see the recipe to make this health tonic for ensuring proper cardio function and lowering the risk of heart disease.

health tonic

Health Tonic Recipe

Ingredients required

Garlic cloves-4no//

Ginger piee-4 cm

Lemon-4 no//

Distilled water-2litre

Method of preparation of health tonic

You can peel the ginger and garlic and keep it aside, like wise peel the lemon skin and set aside, now take all ingredients in a blender, to it add water and grind it well, once it get grinded, take a thick bottomed vessel, to it add this mixture and allow it to boil well, then remove from flame. Cool it the whole mixture, then strain it. Use only the water portion, you can add more water and store it in a refrigerator for future use. Store in a bottle with closed lids for good shelf life of the tonic.

By drinking this health tonic one can increase the immunity power of our body, strengthening the heart and enhance the production of energy in heart. Thus on drinking this amazing health tonic on daily basis, before two hours of dinner intake, will help in complete protection to your heart and prevent from the deadly cardiovascular disease.

health tonic

How this health tonic can work in healing CVD?

  • Ginger has the healing power to lower the triglyceride levels in blood, reduce the blood cholesterol and it does wonder in lowering blood pressure, even blood clotting can be prevented by this wonderful spice.
  • Because of its strong antioxidant power of ginger, it helps in increasing the metabolism and a good anti-inflammatory spice too, thus helps in promoting heart health and preventing the occurrence of heart diseases.
  • Heart beats seventy times within one minute, for proper beat of heart ginger helps, in hyperlipidemia patients ginger helps to lower the lipid levels in blood.
  • Ginger is simply termed as heart tonic, since it strengthens the heart muscles and increases the circulation of blood.
  • Garlic came into exist before five thousand years ago, it’s such an awesome spice, helps in protecting heart health by lowering blood pressure and reducing LDL levels in blood.
  • Garlic has strong antioxidant properties, which help in prevention of heart attacks. Garlic oil is used on heart surgery and in heart attack treatment as an effective medicine.
  • The severity of heart issues can be lowered by taking garlic in diet. For maintaining haemostasis this garlic remains an excellent one. The blood vessels surrounding heart, in this walls pressure get’s lowered and thus enhancing proper blood circulation and heart functioning.
  • For proper functioning of your heart garlic pods helps a lot, it acts as a natural blood thinner.
  • Lemon it does lots of wonder to your body, it helps in lowering the heart disease. Lemon is loaded with huge amounts of vitamin-C; this is a strong antioxidant which has good healing effects.
  • Lemon enhances the immunity power, people who have good amounts of vitamin-c in blood tend to have less chance of heart disease occurring.
  • The antioxidant present in lemon has the heart healthy benefits, which prevents the oxidation of free radicals and lowering the bad cholesterol level in blood.
  • Limonin present in lemon has the power to lower blood cholesterol, thus heart health is maintained by this lemon.
  • Garlic, ginger and lemon all these three has a good healing power on heart diseases. So all these compounds in juice form, that too in one recipe, serves as a wonderful health tonic, that has a heart protecting power.

health tonic

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