Stop eating fast food now!! They are killing you from inside

The leading consumption’s of fast food in young generation are increasing day by day. One of the reasons could be a migration of population into the metropolitan city for studies or in search of a good job. City’s like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune are the main hub of migrants.

Lack of time and staying away from families is one of the main reasons to consume more of fast food. People still eat fast food knowing the disadvantages.

Fast food

Below are listed some of the drawbacks of having fast food

Easily prepared processed foods have many disadvantages:

1. Contains extra fat: Yes, it is ready to eat food and you don’t have to make any extra effort to prepare but we can’t deny the fact of containing extra fat which takes a time to digest and some unwanted chemicals which our body doesn’t need. A study has found that eating fast food is linked to weight gain and makes you fat also increases the risk of diabetes.

2. Addictive: You heard it right; fast food is addictive, the more you eat the more you crave for it. If you eat fast food more than once a week there is a higher chance to get addict to it.

3. Fast foods are not really good for breakfast: Breakfast option at some of the fast food joints is certainly a not good option. Few like egg burgers and sandwiches are not so good for your health. If you are staying away from your family or at a place where you can’t cook food than you rather choose options like coconut water, boiled egg, fresh juice, milk or milk product, to be replaced with fast foods.

4. Affecting kids: According to a research childhood obesity has been increased and has become more than doubled. Kids are usually attracted to what they see. Marketers know this, let me give you an example of Mc Donald; they have a meal box for kids having a separate toy for both girls and boys. Increasing advertisement has increased consumption of fast food among kids.

5. Fast food those are claimed to be healthy isn’t that healthy: Restaurants catering consumers and claiming to produce healthier options. They are not able o fulfill the commitment claiming on those heavy and high budgeted advertisements. Don’t forget to read the start mark “*” for terms and conditions hidden somewhere.

6. Health issues: Eating too much junk food can cause gastrointestinal problems. It is high in calories and low in nutrients. Fast food slowdowns you’re bowling movement and hence increase the chances of constipation and other digestion issues. Replace your fast food with fiber-rich fruits like apple, orange or bowl of berries. These fruits can cut down your intake of those extra fats and calories.

Not having a proper diet can lead to an imbalance of the nutrients and fiber your body needs. Add some fruits and fresh vegetables to your diet instead of fast food.

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