The strength training exercises are also referred as the Resistance exercises; these types of workouts give resistance to the body, thereby making it stronger. In this strength training exercises, multiple muscles are involved also this type of workout is slow and we can stay healthier forever when practiced this type of exercise pattern in your routine life. The risk of several disease occurrences is prevented when you practice this type of workout without fail.

If you want to build up muscles then strength training is compulsory. Research says that at least 30 minutes of strength training exercises in a week is enough to get the benefit of this workout to your body. Also to shed down your weight try this workout regularly.

Advantage of Strength Training

• Increases the strength
• Increases the endurance power
• Helps in build-up of muscle mass
• Overall health is improved
• The occurrence of chronic lifestyle diseases is prevented.
• The onset of metabolic syndrome is lowered
• Bone density is increased
• Cardiac function is improved in a better way
• It helps in increasing metabolic rate
• It increases the good cholesterol level and thereby helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Research from cooper clinic suggests that when resistance exercise combined along with aerobic exercises for twice or thrice a week, the disease prevalence rate is higher and health level is maintained. If you want to maintain a healthy heart function include strength training or weight training exercises without missing and get free from cardio diseases.


• Pushups
• Split squat
• Dumbbells row
• Lateral squat
• Hip extension (glute bridges/ hip thrusts)
• Goblet squat
• Pallof press

Strength training at home

• 10 push ups
• 20 walking lunges
• 30 jumping jacks
• 10 dumbbell rows ( using bigger milk jug)
• 20 bodyweight squats
• 15 seconds of plank
• To get optimal results repeat it for three more rounds and see the results.

In which sports strength training is kept essential

• Weightlifting
• Bodybuilding
• Powerlifting
• Ironman
• Discus throw
• Short put
• Javelin throw
• Wrestling
• Pole dancing
• Soccer
• Rowing
• Rugby league
• Basketball


The neurological aspects of strength are trained well when strength training is practiced by a beginner. For each workout weights to be chosen separately thereby the repetition is attained. Weight training or strength training exercises undoubtedly gain the resistance power to the body and makes it stronger and healthier one, strength training exercises need to be carefully get practiced on the advice of a fitness trainer or coach in the gym and thereby get rid of side effects.

So in this article, we try to know the beneficial effects of strength training exercises, don’t delay in start introducing in your regular workout. Remaining fit is the topmost priority in any physical activity, thus your fitness level is maintained and makes you healthier, cut down those extra weights and remain slim and build up lean body mass. Increase your disease prevalence rate by just performing this healthier strength training exercises.

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