New or old patients of Diabetic should not be consume sugar made items. Diabetic person should walk or move slowly. All you need to know about walking and how morning walk helpful for diabetic person.

Some Remedies

    • Take Four numbers Green and soft leaves of Jambul or Blackberry, its cut into very small pieces. and crush them in 60ml of water. then strain it. and consume daily in the morning till ten days continuously. Repeat this procedure same after each interval of two months for ten days. This is a very good and health benefits of fruits for diabetic person .
    • Consume Bitter Gourd .This is a beneficial for Diabetic person.
    • Do dry to Jambul or blackberry stone in sun light. And grind it. Make a powder. Take two spoon of powder with water till 21 days continuously.
    • Grind to fenugreek seeds, make a powder of it.6 gram powder of fenugreek seeds dip into water at evening. And grind well in morning. Consume it without add any sugar. Diabetic person will be cure fully after two months, if he or she consume that drinks daily up to two months.

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