Mental illness can lead to suicide if left untreated.  The important signs of a person planning suicide are :

  1. Looking for means to kill oneself
  2. Expressions of being in unbearable pain
  3. Thinking oneself of being a burden on others
  4. Showing anger and waiting to take revenge
  5. Displaying severe mood swings
  6. Being alcoholic or a drug addict
  7. Acting very agitated
  8. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  9. Recklessness : Engaging in risky behaviour such as rash driving
  10. Feelings of severe anxiety
  11. Feeling trapped in a purposeless life
There are many reasons a person can consider suicide such as :
  1. Family problems or violence
  2. A major loss such as loss of a loved one
  3. Life changes such as transition into a new situation
  4. Drugs or alcohol issue
  5. Psychological illness



1.Anyone  would think of suicide if talked about it : It is helpful in talking about suicide with the concerned person and this would bring an instant relief to the person since talking would help them feel less fearful and more in control. It would not put any idea into the person’s head as it is widely believed.

2.People who attempt suicide wish to die : It is not necessary that people who attempt suicide want to die. They are themselves confused about it and see it as a last resort. Suicide attempt victims are generally hopeless and have almost tried all ways but failed.  Supporting an individual with suicide would help them feel at ease.

3.Suicide is “ attention seeking” : Every talk about suicide requires an empathetic response and needs to be taken seriously. Suicidal idea is not an attention seeking behavior.  A person suffering from severe depression would never want to expose their emotions.

4.Suicide happens all of a sudden  : This does not happen all of a sudden.  There are a lot of symptoms before a suicide occurs such as depressed mood , alcoholism, negative feelings  social withdrawal etc. If taken seriously, people around a suicidal person can easily gauge his/her intentions.

5.Suicide is a selfish act : People who attempt suicide look at themselves as burden and do not wish to be one. Hence they think that its better to die. Therefore labeling it as a selfish act is not justified. A suicide definitely leaves the ones behind sad and lost, but it is indeed better to support a suicide victim, than repent about it later.



1.A non judgmental attitude : When a person expresses his/her intention to commit suicide, do not judge the person. Be patient and listen to the person with a deep sense of empathy. Being judgmental can further take them inside the cocoon and suppress their emotions for good.

2.Offer hope : Try to show the person the positive life of life and infuse positivity. Hope can be offered in various ways such as taking them for walks everyday, making them listen to positive talks, talking about good things in life, offering company etc.

3.Do not take it as a mere joke: When someone expresses his/her desire to kill oneself or talks about his/her depressed mood take it seriously . Do not take it   as a mood swing. A lot of people do not take things seriously until damage is done. Precaution is always better than cure.

4.Be prompt in your response : Be prompt and ask questions related to the plan of suicide and since when the thoughts of suicide had been occurring.  It is quite possible that the suicidal patient might have planned his/her suicide attempt beforehand. Talking about it, would reveal their plan and help to prevent it.

5.Make lifestyle changes : Make  positive lifestyle changes such as incorporating exercise in the routine and taking a lot of healthy food.

6.Remove anything harmful from the surrounding : Remove any means of suicide such as razor, guns  knives etc. Keeping anything risky might prompt the person to take his/her own life.

7.Give Unconditional support : Be a source of constant and unconditional support to the suicidal patient . Nothing is more important than unconditional support, security and love.

8.Seek Professional Help : Take the suicidal patient to a psychologist or a mental health professional for help. A detailed analysis about the mental status of the patient would help provide appropriate therapy to the suicidal patient.

9.Seek help of suicide helplines : There are lots of suicide helpline  available in India . The most helpful helpline is that of AASRA : 02227546669.

10.Finding meaning in life : Finding a purpose in life or living for a cause could divert the mind of a person  and hence give hope for a better future.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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Psychologist Shyamolima Datta

Shyamolima Datta is a Counselling Psychologist . She finished B.A(honours) and Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia University respectively along with an advanced diploma in Counselling Psychology, Body image among adolescents is an important topic of research where she has researched on Body Image and its relationship to anxiety and depression among adolescent girls"She follows the "humanistic approach" for therapy where "unconditional positive regard" is crucial to bring a lasting change in a person's mental setup. Cognitive behaviour therapy is also used by her to treat depression , phobia and the like.Counselling the highly sensitive and introverts ,its her forte as she has dealt with them using psychotherapy given by Carl Jung, to come out of their shell and face the world keeping their personality intact .

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