Sunscreen and Skin Protection Ways and Views

We are all aware of summers and the impact that it can leave on our skin due to constantly being exposed to Sun rays. So the first thing that comes to our mind is sun protection and how to do it hassle free? Well the answer is using Sunscreen creams and serums that have SPF components. They act as wonders to your skin to protect it from damaging, tanning etc. In this article, we are going to tell you how and what you can get from using SPF. These suggestions are based on our discussions and finding from doctors and experts:

Sun-screen can work as an ultimate anti-ager:

When it comes to anti-aging it’s about fillers, botox and lasers treatment for wrinkles, brown spots, and blood vessels etc. This is where the sunscreen cream works for you.

Helps to reduce Acne:

Sunscreen works by reducing inflammation and free radicals, rogue molecules that harm cells, Sunscreen works wonder in rosacea where you get redness, bumps etc. you can rely on sunscreen or a mineral one too which can help you to make your skin look clear.

Sun screen works for make up:

Well any good SPF powder for touch up on make or a SPF cream used along with your foundation cream will give you more protection from skin damage and exposure to harmful lights. You can wear it the way you wear your make up on face i.e. face, neck and chest.

Myths about UV rays protection:

Sitting umbrella makes you think that you are protected which is not true as still you are exposed to sunlight by the rays coming from umbrella or from the sand or things around you.

Wearing sun hats help you in protecting from Sun? No, that is not the purpose of it but it’s just to protect you from glares.

Tan is as good as skin damage hence, wearing a Tan may not be ideal if you are thinking to protect your skin.

White T-Shirt are good block to Sun rays well no as the SPF level of any white t-shirts reduces from 30 to 7 or 15 when its exposed to wetness due to sweating or swimming.

What type of Sunscreen to use?

Try any form of SPF be it in a cream or a serum or a spray the effect is as good as it is supposed to be. The only caution is to know how to use it properly.

The more the count of SPF in any sun protection solution the more effective it is. You can choose anything between 30 to 50+ as per your need and suitability.

Method to apply the sunscreen is always out to in and not in to out

Many of us commit this mistake without proper knowledge. They get into complexities like having skin cancer and skin damage on the hairlines. It is because that we all apply less on the perimeter than in the centre. So, try out sun screen cream for Sun protection

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