The below-given terms & conditions govern your use of Eyogguroo website and the information available on our site whether it is in the form of blogs, articles or in any other form.  We have the right to change our terms of use anytime without providing you any prior intimation about it.

By agreeing to our terms of use, you will be able to access the content on our website.  If you will not agree to the terms of our use, you will not be provided access to the content on this website.

Our terms of use are as given below:

  1. Medical Advisory Disclaimer: The content on our website whether it is in the form of images, videos, graphics or text blogs and articles, it is posted with the sole purpose to provide you information. It is not posted with the purpose of providing any professional medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or any recommendations to patients.  For professional medical advice or treatment, it is better to consult and seek the advice of a specialist doctor.Eyogguroo website doesn’t endorse or recommend any specific tests, products, physicians or procedures. The reliance on the information provided on this site is solely at your own risk.
  1. Proprietary rights: Eyogguroo owns and reserves all rights and interests in and to the site.  We have the sole right to any kind of content on this site be it images, illustrations, text or other visuals.  Our Eyogguroo ownership is not limited to copyright and trademark rights only, we hold the moral, database and patent rights of this site as well.  The use of Eyogguroo website doesn’t grant readers the ownership of any code, content or data on this site that they access on or through the website.
  1. Limited license: The visitors can access and view or read the content on this website as per the terms of use. And any use of this site should be strictly personal not for any commercial use.
  1. Prohibited Use:Any publishing, promotional or commercial distribution of the content on this site is strictly prohibited for every user of this site except the copyright holder of this site. Only the users who receive the prior permission in written form from any authorized personal of Eyogguroo or from any rights holder can use or manipulate the content of the site.The users are strictly prohibited from downloading, posting, publishing, reproducing, distributing, selling or exploiting any code, content, data or materials available through Eyogguroo site. The users are strictly prohibited from altering, deleting, editing or otherwise changing the appearance or meaning of contents on this site. The alteration or modification of any content on this site is a crime and the perpetrator will be punished according to the law.
  1. Trademarks:The user doesn’t acquire any ownership rights over the content on this site by simply downloading it. Any use of the material available on this site without accepting our terms of use will be considered as the violation of copyright and other laws of India and other nations. The copyright violator can be punished subject to liability for unauthorized use of material through this site.
  1. Trademarks of Eyogguroo:The logos, trade names and service marks displayed on the Eyogguroo site or on the content available through this site are registered & unregistered trademarks of Eyogguroo. There are trademarks that are not related to any of the Eyogguroo service or product, but they are the property of their respective owners, and hence have nothing to do with Eyogguroo.
  1. User Information:No content on this website is available for construed as granting by estoppel or implication. Any license to use any trademark or content on the Eyogguroo without Eyogguroo permission is prohibited strictly.
  1. Submitted Materials:The users of Eyogguroo website, products or services can be made to submit certain personalized info to us. The EyoggurooTerms of Use and policies with respect to personalized information about users are set forth in the privacy policy of the site. The privacy policy is incorporated here by reference for all purposes. We are solely responsible for the accuracy and content of user info.

Unless requested, we don’t intend to receive any secret, confidential, proprietary info or any other stuff through the site by mail or in another way. Any content, demos, ideas, concepts, systems, techniques or any other submitted to us via any means be it the Chat room, messengers, blogs, survey responses will not be deemed confidential and can be used for any purpose that is consistent with the Eyogguroo’s privacy policy.

When you submit any kind of content to us, warrant that submitted material is original to you, not stolen or copy-pasted from any other site. No other person should later claim that he/she has any rights thereto or moral rights have been waived in the submitted materials.

Materials in any form, technology, or media developed for a commercial purpose can be destroyed or deleted at any time.

  1. Prohibited User Conduct:The users agree and warrant that while using Eyogguroo and the various services and product available through it doesn’t represent, impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity. The content cannot be used for third-party advertising or promoting products and services without permission or podcast from the side of Eyogguroo. The data can’t be reused, redistributed or published for any commercial or business purpose.

Any attempt to gain illegal access to the content through this website will be declared as the violation of the copyright.  The users should refrain from engaging in spidering,database scraping or harvesting of e-mail addresses or other contact or personal information. No other automatic means should be employed for obtaining user information or listing of uses via Eyogguroo website.   The use or access gained to Eyogguroo website content with the intent to damage, interrupt, overburden, disable or impair the website or its services.

  1. Public Forums: From time to Time, Eyogguroo make its chat services, messaging services, blogs, message boards and other forums available to users through the site.   The posts on the Eyogguroo public forum posts and comments are not monitored for completeness, accuracy or timeliness. So Eyogguroo don’t takes any responsibility of the content present on its public forms. So the users are strictly advised to not use this information for medical advice, recommendation or any kind.  Never rely on the information present on Eyogguroo public forums and consult doctors for the professional medical advice.
  1. Editorial Control And Supervision: The Eyogguroo reserves the right but is not obliged to monitor or review the stuff on the site. The stuff is published by users, however Eyogguroo can disclose any info or content when it is need to satisfy any regulation, law or request. Eyogguroo has also right to edit the content, remove or post any information in parts or in whole.

Eyogguroo may also impose restrictions or limits on features of its public forums to limit access to the public forms without any penalty. If Eyogguroo believes the user is in breach of the regulation or guidelines, the terms of use will be applicable without citing the reason or notice.

  1. Sensitive Or Private Info On Public Forums: For all users, it is important to note that their comments can be recorded and stored in multiple locations. The location can be anywhere on the internet or on the Eyogguroo site. You will have absolutely no control over who will read your comments.  So the users are advised in their own interest to post only valid info with utmost care and selective about the stuff that they want to disclose to others about themselves. The users are advised not to disclose any proprietary, sensitive or confidential info in your comments to your Eyogguroo.

Copyright:  Just like Eyogguroo values its privacy policy and copyright, people who use this site do the same with their own stuff. If you feel that your work has been altered or copied in a way that leads to copyright infringement, please report it to our copyright agent.

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