Diet therapy is concerned with the modification of the normal diet to meet the requirements of a sick individual. Its purposes are, to maintain good nutritional status, to correct the deficiencies, to afford rest to the whole body or the part of body that is affected, to maintain body’s ability to metabolize the nutrients and finally to bring about the changes in body whenever necessary. If you compare and see the last three decades, there will be lots of modification in dietary intake and in the lifestyle of people. The energy intake is increased comparatively over the last three decades says NNMB (National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau).  Both women and men started to consume increased energy content rich foods.

Diet therapy in most instances is not a remedy in itself but it is a measure which supplements or makes the medical or surgical treatment more effective. The primary cause for the occurrence of chronic diseases are poor dietary habits where they fail to have raw vegetables, green leafy vegetables and fruits, they take less fiber in their diets and now a days the foods what is available in market are not hygienic and found with harmful chemicals in it, that may further cause health issues. So these are the several causes for the lack of healthy eating and occurrence of those deadly chronic diseases in human being.

diet therapy

Factors to consider in planning Therapeutic diet

  1. The underlying disease conditions which require a change in the diet.
  2. The possible duration of the disease.
  3. The factors in the diet which must be altered to overcome these chronic conditions.
  4. The patient’s tolerance for food by mouth.
  5. In planning meals for the patient his economic status, his food preferences and his occupation, time of meals should be considered.

So an improper diet will automatically affect your health and be the cause for the development of chronic diseases. Optimum nutrition therefore can counter these ill effects.  When you’re immune power is low, then there is chances for the occurrence of infectious diseases, particularly kids are highly affected in this group. So a diet which has high immunity power that when ingested for a few period of time can counter those diseases and make you strong enough.

Dietitian is the person who assesses your nutritional status and prescribes the right diet that suits your health. Each and every disease has its own diet principles to follow in order to combat the chronic diseases, the medicine prescription is separate but here diets too plays the major role in curing those diseased conditions, so proper following of therapeutic diets is must.

When the diet that is prescribed cannot be taken by the patient due to inability of his condition, then there is a need for tube feedings, here tube will be passes in your mouth and liquid foods are administered, since the patient cannot take of his own and allow unable to swallow, especially in treating cancer patients tube feeding is done.


Healthy lifestyle following and taking proper nutrient rich food is the best way to counter these chronic disorders, one who gives diet counselling to the patients, first she should follow the nutrition properly and stop taking fad diets in her menu. There are customized and personalized diet plans now a day’s prescribed to the patients by the dietitian, but before prescribing the diets to the patient, the dietitian should thoroughly know the medical history and current condition of the patient, then only she need to prescribe the diets to the patient. Diet therapy can do real wonders; it is specifically designed to correct your lifestyle and also to modify your wrong eating pattern. Certain diseased condition requires mainly the correct food to heal and yes here food act as the medicine, so don’t ignore proper dieting, it has the magical power of curing various diseased conditions.

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“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use,

When diet is right, medicine is of no need.”

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