We are our thoughts, emotions, and deeds.

Our actions are of three types, krit, karit and anumoditie: actions performed, actions got done from others and actions affirmed.These create our life in this life and the lives to come.It is again divided into thoughts, words, and actions.From evil effects to divine gifts is our journey which will create our future.

A positive thing in that is the word “fine”.

We are soooooooooooo used to saying I am “fine”!!!!!!!!!!!My day was “fine”!!!!!!!!!!!!! that the word “fine” loses its meaning but we are opening new vistas of promise and hope by using the word!!!!!!!!!!!The word can be escalated to the below mentioned new vistas:

Fill In Neophyte Engagements

Finding Infinite New Evangelists

Futuristic Innovations Negating Evolution

So from now on whenever you use the word “Fine” we manage our psyche to newer dimensions of ethereal planes and move from our manomayakosha to anandamaya kosha! You yourself design and materialize a pleasure trail.Limitations are overcome and barriers crossed both internal and external.We re-educate ourselves at the conscious level and we need to do it for 21 days because as per Buddhist texts it takes 21 days to remove a habit and inculcate a new habit in our subconscious.


Intent to change and make a difference is the only important factor to regulate and regurgitate revolution.Relapse and recurrence of our innate genetic responses reduce the resurgence of negativity and revives positivity. This is done through a release of bioentities similar to our processing days in the womb. Retrospective revisions rise as we become more accustomed and habituated. Neuroplasticity ensures that we become what we commit Fine to mind, body, and soul.Intuition, forethought, experience, and practice make us a better human being and by using the word “Fine” as frequently as we can we mitigate the migration to poor status and affinity of our mind to think negatively is permeated and progressively corrected and prevented from perishing and preserves health.Persevere to forget your woes and sorrows and remember your joys and judgments.

People so often use the word “shit” it induces you to become dirty as your words are signifying dirt and filth.Our words create our thoughts, thoughts create our occurrences and occurrences our Destiny. Co-variants of cumulative cognition confine consideration OF COSMOPOLITAN COMPOUNDING.

Intriguing insights into Intelligence interact with interposition of interpersonal information to interspace immense interrogatory interventions intertwining with intellect and propounding perseverance,

Recently reported relationships with the matter of the mind relate to the restructuring of replication of regard and hazard.Re-examining encouragement to do good at all levels is to be done as the media propagates anger, harshness, prejudice, money over charity!

Emphasizing goodness, compassion, kindness, goodness, godliness is of ultimate importance.

Imputing impending but prevalent immersions in truth imposes a trust. Improvising improvements immaturely imitate immigrant imagination. Imperfections imposed by imposters impute imagery of immenseness.

A rethink is required in our thoughts, words, and actions.Projected Genetic changes have to be charted and graph defined to charter the changes. Slowly and steadily we can achieve our goals if we have garnished it with returns on the global changes we can achieve by being personal agents of governing greatness as the world is governed by GODS and DEMIGODS and ethereal beings.

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Dr.Swati Dhawan

Swati is a Cosmic Quantum Holistic and Wellness Consultant and Trainer. She is the only medical professional in India who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom offering health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation. She has worked in the Healthcare Sector for many years. This exposure helped her to recognize, identify and acknowledge the diverse ethnicity and distinctive spirited environments existing in various companies and sectors. Looking at the varied ways of survival of people and evolution of humans going against the laws of nature and Darwinian Theories and her exposure to the yogic lifestyle, she consciously opted for a career in Training and Self Development. She started her journey in these arts and sciences as a part of personal development in childhood and curiosity and gradually started conducting workshops on Self Improvement, Emotional Management, Self Awareness, Clarity, Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiac and Lifestyle Disorders and Stress Management, Leadership, Managing Change, etc. She specialises in the areas of homoeopathy, yoga, reflexology, music therapy and colour therapy. Her Professional Qualifications are as follows: Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management -2nd rank in Mumbai University Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery -9th rank in Mumbai University Diploma in Yoga from Yoga Institute, Santacruz Diploma in Accupressure from Arya Samaj, Santacruz

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