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hashimoto's fatigue


Everybody gets exhausted, even me! Fatigue is a very important part in every individual's life but the moment we rest the fatigue seems to have gone for the day. Thats how everything goes right? But if in case you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Also known as " Weight gain thyro

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When the thyroid glands don’t produce sufficient thyroid hormones, then you tend to suffer from hypothyroidism or low thyroid. In this medical condition, your glands produce abnormally low or inadequate quantit

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घर बैठे करिये थाइरॉइड (Thyroid) का उपचार

जब शारीरिक क्रियाओं में गति लाने वाली थायरॉइड ग्रंथियां ((Thyroid Gland) सही तरीके से काम नहीं करती हैं तो थायरॉइड (Thyroid) क

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You ever know these Hypothyroidism or Thyroid Home Remedies do exist

In today's Fast paced life, thyroid problem has acquired commonplace in the life, and there is no cure for it in modern medicine, just keep taking medicines throughout life, and no one is comfortable. Thyroid is one of the endocrine glands found in the human body. Thyroid Gland is in the neck above the breathing tube
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    Rely on Natural Home Remedies for Thyroid Problems and Troubles

    Thyroid is a disease caused due to the under or over functioning of the butterfly-shaped gland known as the thyroid gland situated at the base of the neck. There are two types of thyroid disease: Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. As a result, the patient either experiences sudden reduction of multiple kilos or gains weight. This further leads to a lot of other health related issues. According to studies, 8 out of 10 individuals have thyroid.

    Medical science has yet not been able to provide a cure to this disease. But not many people know that there are, in fact, several Home Remedies for Thyroid available today which you can follow to maintain normal TSH Levels for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. And by following a few simple Home Remedies for Thyroid, the patient can reduce the number of problems associated with the disease including irregular menstrual cycles in women, fatigue, swelling of hands & feet, low immunity making your body prone to other viruses and infections, constipation, etc. Whether you are concerned of reducing weight or gaining more weight, these remedies will help you overcome the problem and stabilize the TSH levels for a better functioning of your body.

    Making a habit of working out daily along with the home remedies can help you deal with the disease and lead a normal lifestyle.

    The thyroid gland is important as it secretes certain chemicals that regulate metabolism, growth and other important functions of the human body. Problems can occur when the secretion of these chemicals reduce or increase in production as it can lead to situations like Hyperthyroidism (excess chemical production) and Hypothyroidism (reduced chemical production). People suffering from such problems can face symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, muscle cramps, weight gain or loss, brittle fingernails, depression, hair fall and more. Though there are allopathic medicines that are available in the market, people can safely rely on certain home remedies for thyroid to control such symptoms and naturally heal their thyroid problems.

    What are some Home Remedies for Thyroid People Can Adopt as Alternatives and Solutions?

    1. Kelp:

    Rich in Iodine, Kelp is seaweed that’s useful for hypothyroidism and important as home remedies for thyroid. This brown seaweed should not be taken by those having autoimmune thyroid problems but only those who have a reduced thyroid activity resulting in less chemicals being released.

    1. Fish Oil:

    Fish oil is not only good for correcting thyroidal problems, but it also manages some of the symptoms of such problems. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acid, it helps abate the symptoms such as hair fall, brittle fingernails, reduced eye sight, and more. It can also help people having autoimmune thyroid problems and any kind of inflammation.

    1. Guggul:

    Another important ingredient which can be used as home remedies for thyroid is Guggul. Obtained from the gum resin of the Commiphora Mukul tree, it contains an active compound which is called ‘Guggulsterone’. Not only does it stimulate proper thyroidal functions, but it also deals with some symptoms like cholesterol, inflammation, obesity and more.

    Therefore, these are some of the various home remedies for Thyroid people can recognize and incorporate into their lifestyle. People should exercise caution when mixing them with other medicines and look for all possible interactions before proceeding.

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