Things you should know about Toilet Sanitation

Clean before you sit, Toilet Sanitation

Clean the area where you can think germs can spread easily. And when we have said that undoubtedly toilet is the place where bacteria’s spread more prominently.

In India, there are two types of toilet seats – Indian and English. Let me now tell you how important it is to maintain the hygiene. Have you ever thought that disease can spread even from the toilet seat? Yes, they can. How? When an infected person uses the toilet seat and sits on it, there are high chances of the transfer of the infected bacteria’s to the toilet seat (If the disease is transferable). Also, when an infected person uses the toilet for urinary the released liquid waste of the body has infected bacteria’s. Hence, diseases can transfer from person to person.

Especially in Females, there are high chances to get infected with various UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection). It occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and starts multiplying. To avoid such infections it’s better to take some measures to stay safe.

Steps should be taken to maintain the Toilet hygiene

1. Flush before you use the toilet

Make it a rule do not use the toilet without flushing. Flush out all the germs and bacteria before you use the toilet. Even doctors recommended it. By doing this you lower down the chances of spreading an infection to another.

2. Clean the toilet seat

Make sure you are not sitting in a dirty pot. Always clean the seat before you use because if you sit on a dirty spotted seat you might get infected. Before you, many others have used the same toilet seat so it is always better to clean it yourself with the tissue or with water.

3. Flush before you leave

Don’t leave the proof behind what you have done, Flush it! Give extra care because taps are the house of bacteria’s, favorite place of microorganisms.

4. Put the lid down

After every usage, out the lid down of the toilet seat and reduce the spread of microbes in the room.

5. Wash your hands every time you use toilets

Use a push-pump soap dispenser as normal soap could have bacteria stick to it. Wash your hands every time you use the toilet. Apply hand sanitizer at the end.

Besides the mention points, daily maintenance is required. Clean your toilet daily with antiseptic solutions or with diluted bleach. There are many other products available in the stores such as gels or blocks. Clean specific areas like under the bowl and between the joints. Equipment used during the cleansing process should be disinfected after each use. Wear hand gloves every time you plan to clean. Your hands may not suffer from the chemicals used in the cleaning process.

And at last but most important Do not Defecate in open. Not all population has the facility of private toilets in such case I urge people to use public toilets even for those who are traveling.

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