The other name for kalonji is nigella seeds or black seeds. These seeds have wonderful medicinal and health benefits. This kalonji seeds are widely used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. Kalonji seeds have pungent smell and it tastes bitter. The sad one is kalonji seeds are not much popular, but it posses immense of medicinal benefits in it. There are 100 different components present in this seeds, before 2000 years itself this kalonji seeds are used widely for healing several ailments, such an amazing and a very commonly found spice.

Let us now look on the health benefits of kalonji seeds bellow detail;

1.Promotes Weight Loss

Kalonji seeds have good beneficial effects in reducing weight, even kalonji seeds oil is also used widely for the same effect, and the excess body fat can be removed by these kalonji seeds. It increases the metabolic rate, also enhances the burning of calorie burning in our body. The possible ways of using this seeds are, take one cup of Luke warm water, to it add 2 teaspoon of honey plus half a teaspoon of nigella seeds oil, mix well together and have it, for approximately 20 days take this mixture thrice a day and you can get a significant weight loss in your body. The basal metabolic rate is enhanced in our body and thus aiding in natural weight loss, without any side effects.

2.Heals Asthma, Allergy and Other Respiratory Diseases

The occurrence of cough, cold, allergy, asthma are very common now a days, our environment getting polluted widely that is the primary cause for this type of disease occurrence.. Thus breathing problem makes it discomfort and it makes a person to suffer a lot, so it is highly essential to take preventing measures and healing ways of this condition, if you encounter any breathing discomfort, then you can include this kalonji seeds in your diet. It treats well and prevents the re-occurrence of breathing issues. Take one teaspoon of honey, to it add ½ teaspoon of kalonji seeds oil and mix well with one glass of Luke warm water. You can take this mixture twice a day for 5 weeks and then you would get good results and breathing problems will get treated well.

3.Preventing and Managing Diabetes

The effective components present in this black seeds, make it best suitable one to prevent and manage the diabetes. The blood sugar level will be reduced by this kalonji seeds, also if you’re non-diabetic; these seeds may help you out in preventing the occurrence of diabetes. You can prepare black tea first, then to it add ½ teaspoon of kalonji seeds oil, then mix well and have this mixture on empty stomach. You can take regularly for 5 weeks to get its visible results on your blood sugar level.

4.Promotes Heart Health

These black seeds are the cardiac friendly foods, it provides good heart health. The blood pressure get’s lowered by this seeds; it protects the heart from the damages and thus ensuring good heart health. If you want to keep your heart healthier, then have half teaspoon of black seed ( Kalonji Seeds) oil mixed with 1 cup of goat milk. Mix it well and then take it for 12 days continuously for twice a day. Then after this you can reduce your dosage to once a day, you will surely get benefited by this and keep your heart healthily from several diseases.

5.Provides Strong Teeth

You can enhance your oral health and keep your teeth stronger by including this nigella seeds in your diet without fail. If you have dental problems like gums which is bleeding, gum swelling and teeth that pre-maturely fallen, then this seeds can do wonders on your oral health. You can take ½ teaspoon of nigella seed oil mixed with one teaspoon of vinegar and use it as mouth wash. You can rinse it well with this your entire mouth and by doing so toothache will be lowered and gum swelling can be prevented and keeping your gums healthy. If you have dental cavities or swelling on teeth and toothache, you can also take cotton and dip well in kalonji seeds oil, then you can place it just beside the tooth or gums and get treated easily and keep your dental issues away.

6.Helps in Renal Function

The toxins in our body are to be sent out, this is done by kidneys, to keep these kidneys function properly, and one must take care of it. In blood purification also kidney has dense role. By doing so you can prevent the onset of renal diseases. To cure renal problems like renal infection, stones and severe pain on kidneys, you can take two teaspoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of kalonji seeds oil and one cup of Luke warm water mixed together. This to be taken twice a day for 20 days and you get good assured results.

7.Treating Nausea and vomiting

You can cure the onset of vomiting and nausea by taking these seeds in your diet, you can take one tablespoon of nigella oil mixed with one glass of boiled water, with few mint leaves plus add 1 teaspoon of ground carnation to it, then consume this thrice a day and stay benefited.

8.Heals Joint pain

Joint pain occurs more easily, as we get older; to strengthen the bones and treat joint pain effectively this nigella oil is used. Take one cup of vinegar to it add 2 teaspoon of honey plus add ½ a teaspoon of kalonji seeds oil, your pain relief oil is ready. You can apply this mixture on joints twice a day, it reduces the swelling on joints, soreness on it and finally pain gets treated well on joints. You may also use this oil to heal back pain and neck pain.

9.Hair Loss Prevention

The hair loss can be prevented by using kalonji seeds oil and you can enhance your hair growth naturally, this kalonji seeds oil helps to keep scalp healthily. On bald head when applied regularly this oil, the hair grows in it naturally.  You can apply the nigella seed oil to the well clean and dried hair, especially on scalp region this oil to be applied; you can do it regularly for 3 weeks and see the difference. It is best effective way to promote hair growth naturally.

10.Get Rid of Dandruff

You can easily stay away from dandruff issues by easily applying this nigella seed oil on hair; you can get rid of dandruff problem. So apply it and stay benefited on regular usage of this kalonji seeds oil.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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