We all heard about the health benefits of guava fruit, so then we taken that delicious fruit in diet, but do you know the medicinal benefits of guava leaves and have you tried to incorporate it in your diet? If not, then this is time you have to recognize the value of guava leaves in your daily diet and start including these amazing guava leaves on your menu. Guava leaves contains huge amounts of antioxidants that are healthy, which thereby helps in protecting our body from several chronic diseases. Guava leaves contain quercetin, an antioxidant that is powerful, which posses the healing power, not only this quercetin also vitamin-c is found in denser, that too has the high medicinal value. In this session we are going to see what are the health and medicinal benefits of eating guava leaves.



Take a thick bottomed vessel, to it add tea powder, water, ginger and guava leaves, now allow it to boil the entire mixture well, after the mixture gets boiled well for 10-15 minutes, strain off the water and discard the leaves. After that you can add honey to this water and drink this healthier tea. Thus your perfect guava leaf tea is ready to refresh you and energize your body.

Let’s see the Health benefits and medicinal usage of guava leaves below;



Guava leaves posses excellent beneficial role in treating against obesity. If you want to cut down your extra weights, then guava leaves will be your perfect choice of food. Consume daily these leaves in tea or juice form and you can see remarkable changes in your weight. The conversion rate of complex carbohydrate in to simple substance is reduced. Thus complex carbohydrates are not converted in to sugar form by this guava leaves, it gives a fuller sense. Thus these leaves play an important role in weight management.



Guava leaves when taken daily, it helps in lowering cholesterol. The bad cholesterol level is reduced and good cholesterol level is maintained in blood.



If you’re scared about the diabetes arrival, since you have a diabetic history in your entire family, don’t worry here comes a excellent remedy, guava leaves on tea form when taken daily in your diet it helps in lowering the blood sugar without increasing insulin level, thus this leaf remains an excellent food for diabetic patients. You can prevent the onset of diabetes with this wonderful guava leaves.

Stomach ailment & Digestion


If you have stomach ailment like diarrhea problems, it would be treated well with this wonderful guava leaves, what you have to do is, boil guava leaves along with roots of guava. Now allow to boil the mixture well, afterwards strain and drink it. It has a wonderful remedy in treating all your stomach issues.


To maintain a healthy digestive system guava leaves helps a lot, it enhances the production of digestive enzymes, thus helps in improving digestion in stomach, guava leaves tea when taken regularly can prevent the occurrence of food poisoning in an individual.

Oral problems


Guava leaf tea serves as the best medicine in treating tooth pain, gum disease and sore throats. The other way to incorporate this guava leaf is by grinding the leaves to paste form and then apply it on your gums, it has a good remedy in treating all your dental issues effectively.



Guava leaf serves as an excellent remedy in treating against dengue fever, When guava leaf juice taken daily, it helps in lowering the fever level and also helps in fighting against the germs in our body, due to its anti-microbial property. Thus dengue fever is treated well with this excellent remedy.

Prostate cancer


To prevent the prostate cancer onset you just need to consume fresh guava leaf juice, it also helps in preventing the enlargement of prostate in men. Thus it is boom in medical field for every man.

Sperm count enhancement


If you are having trouble in conception, then try to include guava leaf juice daily in your diet, it helps in increasing the sperm count, thus these guava leaves plays a wider role in conception.



If you have any type of allergy, then that can be treated well with this wonderful guava leaves, it lowers the histamine levels, thus prevent from allergies. Good healing is obtained for allergic conditions.

Hair problems


If you have hair fall issue, don’t spend too much money on cosmetics or medicines, just try the guava leaf paste, simply you can apply this paste on your scalp and massage well or you can allow it to dry and then rinse your hair, afterwards you will notice no hair fall and new hair develops on the bald head portion. It is an excellent remedy for hair fall, hair growth and in preventing and treating the dandruff effectively.

Thus this guava leaves are used widely in traditional medicine, traditional countries use this leaves densely in treating various diseases. Faster recovery is attained in diarrhea affected persons, after consuming this guava leaves. Pregnant women alone should restrict this guava leaf tea in their diet.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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