Top Foods for healthy Eyes

All of us love to stay healthy and fit. But our day to work and stress in life has brought it down to a greater extent. Especially our eyes are burdened with a lot of pressure which are unavoidable. These might be because of our staying connected to technology that pivots across the eyes to divert it to our brain. Let’s try for something very natural which would give us a pair of healthy eyes.

Even added to that are the day to day stress and tensions which makes us awaken for late night and does hampers our eyes the most. If we stay devoid of healthy food and consistently depend on pills we can easily find out dark and dull circles below our eye which is the sign of being under nutrition. For the reason it is must that we take care of our eyes in the best possible manner and keep our eyes healthy ever.

Nature’s treat for healthy eyes

It is rightly said that food is one of the important factor that helps in development of every organ in the body. Something exclusive is also reported for the eye sight. Let’s explore some of the effective veggies and food items that would help to bring on health for our eye sight.

  • Green leafy vegetables:-


There are broad varieties of green leafy vegetables which are going to help for a better eye sight. Some of them are like spinach, asparagus, green cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages and many others which are a rich source of lutein and vitamin A. As we know that  our eyes are sensitive and delicate.

So the natural element extracted from these green veggies would be perfect to protect the eyes. Rather it would help in maintaining stronger muscles and prevent various infections.

  • Carrots and Sweet potato:-

eye care

The carrots are a rich source of Beta carotene. It is one of the essential elements that can prevent the degradation of the muscles in the eyes. It might also lead to cataract like disorders. Same way sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, beta carotene and potassium. They can  protect eyes from external damages and get it back to shape.

  • Citrus fruits:-

eye care

Carrot is a rich source of vitamin B- 12 and beta carotene. These would strengthen our eye sight with protecting them from various harmful rays.

  • Salmon and Turkey:-

eye care

You can consume a good amount of fresh salmon and turkey as salmon consists of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are responsible for maintaining healthy blood vessels. They would manage a proper flow of intraocular fluid to the eyes and prevent its dryness. The same way turkey does contains vitamin B, zinc, calcium which would maintain a perfect and sharp vision. For old aged people this would be the best food ever.

We must take healthy diets which are rich in vitamins, minerals, etc. These will help in developing perfect and healthy Eyes. As we all know that a pair of healthy eyes would give a better and happy life.

Know more about foods for healthy eyes.


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