Travel Insurance- Your Travel Doctor, Bank & Guide!

You must have noticed that many ticketing companies when book your ticket ask you to take a travel insurance which is inclusive of your traveling cost. Have you ever thought why?? What use will it be? Is it worth the money I am paying? So, here’s your answer!

Travel insurance is guided that you carry along with you while you leave your home or country due to various seasons! Carrying money at different places according to their currencies and all is too hectic. While if you choose a travel insurance it makes it easier for you! Life is uncertain, anything may happen anytime or it may not happen too. But being prepared is the best option to fight against unseen events!

Why is it necessary to take out Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance basically intended to cover all your medical expenses, cancellation of ticket, lost luggage(this may be additional), flight accident and another loses that occur domestically and internationally! Many times these types of insurances come in as riders with various other insurance schemes!

Having this type of insurance helps you to get emergency treatments done when no money is available!

It has 4 things covered under it:

 1) Cancellation of Trip & Interruption of tickets:

It covers the cost that you incurred while buying the ticket! If at all due to any natural disaster or due to a sudden illness if you are forced to cancel your ticket you will get refunded for that amount of ticket you purchased! Also if you face any interruption while traveling or airplane or any means of transport, travel insurance ensures to support you financially at any point in time! If you have a debit or credit card through which you make frequent payments while booking tickets then it is profitable as it adds to your credit score because of which you can avail various discounts.

2) Luggage and personal belongings coverage:

Many times you may tend to forget things when you are traveling for the first time on air! Travel insurance companies promise to give you coverage for lost luggage or baggage also for all the personal belongings you must have forgotten or lost! Usually, when such an event occurs they also help you financially to recover the lost!

3) Accidental death during ongoing trip coverage:

Uncertainty can strike you at any point in time because of which your adventurous trip may turn out into a mysterious and a tragic trip all together! This insurance is beneficial at this time when your loved ones leave you alone on an ongoing trip which is rare yet unexpected and uncertain too! Travel insurance covers your health and safety while you travel! While you face financial crunch travel insurance is your best friend!

4) Urgent medical assistance:

You must have heard any of your friends or their relatives talking about mishaps that happen in abroad that they are costly too because of which one of their beloved lost his/her life!! Yes! It’s scary but you can avoid this situation by opting for travel insurance and stay secure and safe! Travel insurance promises to cover your medical urgency at the time you travel or at the time you reach your destiny and face any medical emergency!


If taking travel insurance is your concern and you don’t find it worth then you’re wrong! Getting a cover for multiple problems and mishaps in one is rare! It is always beneficial to buy insurance you won’t regret any time if you take it! So if you still doubt, leave your doubt behind and apply for one today!!!

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