Snakebite is the injury happened due to the bite of a snake. This snake bite is quite common in worldwide. In the United States, about 7000 people are affected in a year by venomous snake bite. In US rattlesnake only bites a lot. It’s a dangerous snake with the rattling sound at the tail region. The venomous snake bite resembles with two punctured wounds around the bite area. A nonvenomous snake kills its own prey and eats other reptiles and insects. Poisonous snakes are seen in all regions; only at Antarctica, these venomous snakes are not seen. Overall in worldwide if you see several thousands of people get suffered from this snake bite on each year. An allergic reaction is caused commonly for the bite of every snake, those who stay in forest area are highly prone to snake bite.

List of Venomous Snakes
• Copper head
• Cobra
• Viper
• Rattlesnake
• Coral snake
• Water moccasin

Symptoms of Snake Bite

• Blood discharge
• Swelling
• Severe pain
• Vomiting
• Increase in thirst
• Excess of sweating
• Numbness
• Burning sensation
• Diarrhoea
• Blurred vision
• Rapid pulse rate
• Fainting
• Fever
• Convulsion
• Loss of muscular coordination.


• Get a help from a medical practitioner as early as possible.
• Wash that bite area with water, one of the important step in the first aid.
• Immobilize the wound area.
• Try to keep the affected area at the little-raised level.
• Try to give cool compress to the affected area.
• Try to apply a bandage to the bite area, thereby helping in preventing the poison gets spread throughout other regions of the human body.
• If there is bleeding try to stop it earlier.
• See the respiratory rate, pulse rate.
• When venom snake bite, try to suck the venom and remove from the body.

Preventive methods
• Stop killing the snake; try to stay away from it. When you’re in forest keep yourself away from tall grasses.
• Try to use pest control regularly in homes; thereby entry of snake in residential areas can be minimized.
• Use of campfire in the night time, flashlight usage in overnight times helps in preventing the snake entry inside.
• While climbing rocks we have to carefully climb, since snakes may lie on that rock area. So rock climbers ensure that no snake stay nearby.

Important things to remember
1. The time of bite to be noted and kept.
2. The snake bite affected person shouldn’t walk and go.
3. Make the affected person stay calmer, thereby no movements occur, because of that no venom gets transmitted throughout other parts of the human body.
4. Swelling is common in snake bite, so try to remove the jewels or any extra clothing from the bitten area.
5. If the condition is very worse, try to seek medical help and ensure whether antivenom is given intravenously, to counter those venom effects in human body.
6. If mild ill effects of venom snake bites are seen, tetanus vaccine is helpful; also the wound has to be cleaned well.

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