Everyone knows’s that drinking lemon water aids in weight loss procedure, but more effective and faster results of healthy weight loss can be attained through drinking the whole boiled lemon water. Yes, its mode of preparation is different; it has much effective weight loss on following it regularly in your diet. When you start intake of this lemon water in early morning, this aids in faster weight loss, not only by giving weight loss, also by supplying essential nutrients for the human body functioning.


Lemon is most commonly consumed fruit in worldwide. Lemon juice serves as a most popular refreshing juice. They are loaded with lots of vitamin-c. Lemon has a very vital role in health and beauty maintenance. The browning of foods can be prevented when lemon juice is squeezed on it. After the food preparation gets over this lemon used in garnishing of food. Try buying lemon with bright yellow in color; also see to it that it’s fresh in condition. Lemon contains all required nutrients; it provides 187% of vitamin-c per serving of lemon fruit, thus making it a good and best way in preventing infections. They play a crucial role in weight management.



Lemon-5-6 no//

Water- As required

Honey- little


  • Boil the water nicely.
  • Cut the lemon into the half.
  • Add the cut lemon’s to it and allow boiling.
  • Once the lemon boils nicely, then switch off the flame, allow the mixture to get cooled.
  • Now take only the water, for it adds little honey and has this refreshing drink, have in the early morning for best results of weight loss.
  • There is lots of difference in intake of squeezed lemon juice in warm water and intake of boiled lemon water.
  • Try this refreshing drink and get benefited out.



  • Lemon juice helps in preventing cold.
  • Enhance the immunity power of the human body.
  • Increases the basal metabolic rate.
  • Aids in good digestion.
  • Detoxify the human body.
  • Helps in weight management.
  • Gives a clear skin and makes skin beautiful.
  • Removes the bad odor.
  • Enhance the mood and gives happiness, thus preventing depression.
  • Gives good hydration to the lymphatic system.
  • Helps in quicker healing of wounds.
  • Prevents scurvy.
  • It helps in maintaining body pH level.
  • It gives a lot of energy.
  • It fights effectively against infections.
  • It prevents the onset of atherosclerosis.
  • Lemon juice helps in eliminating the renal stones.
  • It helps in promoting healthy mucous membrane.
  • Aids in healthy skin and vision power.
  • It has a role in the purification of blood.
  • It is used in treating flu and fever conditions.
  • Prevents gum disease, lessens a toothache, eradicate the bad odor in the mouth, thus used in dental care effectively.
  • It is used in treating dandruff, prevents hair loss and also makes the hair look shiny.
  • It is used in anti-aging therapy.
  • It acts as a natural antiseptic medicine.
  • To fade scars apply little lemon juice on that region.
  • To stop the nasal bleeding try taking few lemon juices in a cotton ball and place it inside the nose.

Such an amazing fruit lemon, it’s available almost throughout the year, try to include this lemon in your diet. Lemon water prepared by the above-discussed method has an excellent power in weight reduction. Just give a try you may get amazed and shocked at seeing your results. Thus lemon a magical fruit with all health benefits, why waiting still starts intake of lemon water in early morning and see the difference in your appearance, you will really wonder and thank this awesome fruit.

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