Trying to loose weight? Keep your food weight healthy!

Different diet plans, different rules to follow.

Work hard on following the diet–Get irritated because of no results–stop following it–gain back some extra kilos.

Is this yo-yo thing fair on your body’s health part?

Because of your sedentary lifestyle, because of your food habits–Why should your body suffer?

Try to be on a diet and weight management plan which you can sustain forever.

It should not have different phases where sometimes you follow and sometimes you don’t.

There are different instances where diet goes for a toss!

  • When you are sick.
  • When you are traveling.
  • When you are in no diet mood.
  • When you don’t get the desired results.
  • When it is your birthday.
  • When it is your friend’s birthday.
  • When it is your wedding.
  • When it is someone else’s wedding.
  • When your work pressure goes high.
  • When you are extremely stressed.

There are hardly any instances when you are following a diet plan!

  • When you have recently enrolled yourself in a new diet plan and don’t want the money to go waste.
  • You are excited to lose weight.
  • When you are in your good-life phases.

Rather than swearing by different diets, we should rather focus on swearing by healthy lifestyle!

(1) Cut down unhealthy fats in your diet

  • Mind you, I have written unhealthy fats–not all fats!
  • Instead of deep frying choose for different cooking methods like steaming, baking, grilling.
  • Don’t sprinkle oil to keep your food moisturized, use water for the same.
  • Include good fats in your diet like nuts, ghee in moderation.
  • The moderation depends upon your ideal fat intake for the day.

(2) Keep the salt intake minimal in your diet

  • There are no benefits of including salt in your diet.
  • Avoid adding top salt to your food.
  • Adding excess salt can lead to bloating issues which might cause weight gain and fluctuating blood pressure issues.
  • You can always have the tangy taste in your diet through herbs, pink salt, lemon, lime juice.
  • Always try to reach out to natural things first!

(3) Cut down the intake of processed sugar in your diet

  • You require no additional sugar to your diet in any form.
  • Your chapati’s, fruits, vegetables, dairy products naturally contain sugar.
  • Don’t cut down on sugar and go for sugar-free! That is even more dangerous.
  • Try to develop a no sugar or low sugar taste.
  • I have seen people sprinkling sugar on their cornflakes, oats, and muesli which absolutely makes no sense!
  • You can use honey, jaggery.

(4) Increase the amount of fiber intake your diet

  • Women require 25 grams of fiber every day.
  • Men require 30 grams of fiber every day.
  • Fiber is the most forgotten nutrient which is extremely important to have a healthy digestive system.
  • Avoid processed maida foods which lead to constipation, always reach out to fiber-rich foods and vegetables.
  • Include poha in your diet than having processed pasta or noodles.

(5) Avoid juicing

  • It is always advised to avoid juicing of fruits and having them as a whole.
  • Juicing of fruits extracts the sugar from the fruits and the fiber goes waste!
  • Having the whole fruit is nutritionally more powerful and healthy!
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Dr. Trishala Chopra

With varied degrees, Trishala Chopra gets a complete hold in her subject! She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies and her diploma in sports nutrition. Her knowledge in the field of naturopathy,yoga, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals makes her a complete package of knowledge!

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