Turmeric (Haldi) and Its Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Since our childhood mom has given us milk and turmeric whenever we have had hurt ourselves only because turmeric has Bioactive compounds with some great medical properties. Turmeric is a powerful healer with approximately 300 antioxidants.

Turmeric has a superpower to heal you from both inside out. It not only heals your wounds but also makes you beautiful. From ages, it is used as a fairness agent and it has several other benefits too.

Let’s discuss benefits of Turmeric in brief-

Turmeric is a spice of yellow color famous in Asian kitchens from thousands of years.

Turmeric and its uses for inside and outside body, here are some home remedies by spices:
1. Treat your Acne
The antiseptic properties of Turmeric make it helpful to deal with the acne. But to not apply directly on your face, always mix it in a face pack. You can choose any face pack like neem pack, sandalwood pack and mix a pinch of Turmeric to it. There’re readymade Turmeric face packs also available in the market.
Turmeric does not only fight with the germs but also reduces the excess of oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.

2. Helps in healing
Turmeric has natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in healing cuts and burns.

3. Treat scalp conditions
various scalp problems like dermatitis and eczema which leads to itchy, flaky skin, inflammation and thinning hair can easily be deal with turmeric. Curcumin present in turmeric fights against these diseases and due to its anti-fungal, antiallergic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

4. Health Benefits of Turmeric
Turmeric is said to put a stop to cancer and childhood leukemia. It also helps in detoxifying the liver, which further reduces the risk of hepatitis and jaundice.
Turmeric helps in weight loss and improves digestion as well. It reduces gas and bloating.
Turmeric helps in reducing the monthly menstrual cramp in females if taken twice a day for two weeks.
If turmeric is taken as supplements it can treat joint pains.Turmeric is a key ingredient in the Indian kitchen, hardly any cuisine is prepared without turmeric. It is mostly used in a powder form.

How to Shop Turmeric?
Turmeric is available in many supermarkets, but I would suggest going to the local spice markets in your area and buy dry Turmeric because usually dried spices are superior in the quality and it also does not contain any artificial coloring material. It is always better to buy turmeric in the dry form of chunks and then get it grind from the grinder shop.

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