The universal energy- know more about reiki!

The universal energy- Reiki! If we just look at word reiki, it has a power in itself!

This word comes out from a Japanese origin.

Lets split the word into two.

Rei meas universal and ki means life force.

Whether you believe or not but there is an invisible energy filled up in the universe.

Every living thing on this earth is continuously surrounded by this energy and this energy is being entered inside their body.

Everyone has a life force inside them and it stays in them until they die. Once they are dead, the life force enters back to the universe.

Energy usually affects the physical body only. But it is also noticed that this energy has a huge impact on the mind also.

The energy remains the same but the name differs.

In chinese, energy is termed as Chi.

In Japanese it is termed as ki.

In India it is termed as prana.

You must be getting one question in your mind that how does this energy exist? What is its form?

Well, energy exists in the form of air, light, food, water.

If the form of this energy is fresh, you feel positive.

A human body has chakras through which the energy enters inside the human body!

Chakra is a sanskrit word which means wheel.

Bascically, chakra is a solid ball full of energy which goes inside the human body like a magnetic field.

We have 7 chakras in our body which is further surrounded by the aura.

These 7 chakras are the most important chakra of human body which includes endocrine glands.

These chakras play a very important role in health and well being of a human body!

7 chakras of human body are :-

(1) Sahasrara also known as crown chakra

(2) Ajna also known as agaya

(3) Vishuddhi also known as throat chakra

(4) Anhata also known as heart chakra

(5) Manipura also known as solar plexus

(6) Swadisthana also known as hara chakra

(7) Muladhara also known as root chakra.

– Every physical organ has minor chakra and secondary chakras are surrounded by the human body.

– If you study acupuncture, you can see that all the chakras are pressure points to ease out energy.

– Chakras are basically interdependent and also interconnected centers which does affect the flow of energy throughout the body.

– If you can just notice and know more about human body that you will realise that all the chakras are the position of different endocrine glands.

Characteristics of 7 chakras:-

(1) Root chakra

Color:- Deep red

Location :- Base of spine

Gland covered:- Adrenal

Qualities:- Strength, courage

(2) Sacral chakra

Color:- Red orange

Location :- End of tailbone

Organ covered:- Gonads and kidney

Qualities:- Physical power, sexuality

(3)  Solar plexus

Color:- Orange

Location :- Solar plexus

Organ covered :- Pancreas

Qualities:- Personal will, Determination

(4) Heart chakra

Color:- Golden yellow

Location :- Heart

Gland covered :- Thymus

Qualities:- Forgiveness, Unconditional love

(5) Throat chakra

Color:- Green

Location :- Throat

Gland covered:- Thyroid

Qualities:- Inner peace

(6) Third eye chakra

Color:- Blue

Location :- Center of forehead

Gland covered:- Pituitary

Qualities:- Insight

(7) Crown chakra

Color:- Purple

Location :- Top of head

Gland covered:- Pineal

Qualities:- Emotions

What does the colors in the above picture represent?

– If you see every chakra has a specific color which might be a mixture but these colors are not physical colors.

– Except the root and crown chakra all the other chakras are having two portions which is in the front and back.

– The energy enters the body through these chakras depending on their position.

– The status of your chakra depends upon the physical and mental activity of human body. If there are any blockages in these chakras then the energy cannot flow freely as a result there are health issues.


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