How to Use Colors for Therapy?

Looking at these colors, do you feel something different respective of the color? Of course you do, because there is an emotion and a power attached with each and every color. Each color gives us a different message. Try it out yourself.

Look at the color blue, it will give a pleasant feeling, it will give make you feel cool. Why? Blue color is associated with water. Hence it will always create an aura of calmness around it. Blue is cold and wet and reaches our eyes slowly as compared to other colors that’s why it gives us peace and serenity.

Now find out red color near you. Your eyes will spot this color very quickly because it reaches very quickly. Red is a color of fire and romance. It generates courage and passion inside us. It is considered to be the most powerful color. Keep a pile of clothes near you when you will look at it, among all the colors in that pile your eyes will first and spot out the color ‘RED’.

Take a small yellow colored cloth in your hand. Don’t you feel happiness inside you seeing this color? This color is said to be a cheer color. It generates hope inside us. Yellow is also considered to be color of God so a lot of spiritual meaning is attached to this color. It is the most optimistic color that helps to boost immune system and confidence.

What do you feel looking at the white color? It will give you positivity in you. It is associated with peace and new the cleanest color of all. White color is said to purify our soul. It is a perfect blend of all the colors hence contains qualities of all of them. So, peace, calmness, purity, faith and coolness the descriptions of this color.

Green color signifies patriotism. Ever wondered why the military force dress is green? It’s green because       green color creates a spark of nationalism inside us. Along with patriotism, Green color is also the color of nature. It makes us feel relaxed and as it connects us with nature it gives us the ability to nurture and grow.

Black color symbolizes evil. It is considered to be the color of death but it is also the most elegant color of all. Girls look prettiest in this color. The prestige and esteem of this color makes it the king of all colors.  But this color is also the color of darkness hence it is related to depression, if you want to get relief from this situation choose natural remedies to kills depression very fast. It is considered to be a pessimistic color.

As you can see, each and every color has a different meaning associated with it. They teach us some important lessons. Colors play an important role in our life and can influence our life to a great extent. They have a different kind of energy in them and can heal us spiritually, mentally and physically. Just by looking at the colors, a different kind of communication is done by our body.

So next time when you have to lighten up yourself or feel refresh try just looking at the rainbow.


Sakshi Jain


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