Does Vitamin A an Essential Micronutrient or not?

Vitamin A is required in a sufficient quantity in a smaller dosage for obtaining optimum health in human body, thereby it is referred as essential Micronutrient, this vitamin A plays a vital role on improving the vision, also it plays a dominant role in providing healthy skin conditions.

What are the sources of Vitamin A

Papaya, red palm oil, eggs, milk, apricots, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, meat, liver, milk products, yellow and orange colour vegetables.

Source of Vitamin A

The Role of Micronutrients

The essential micronutrients perform several functions in the human body. They include,

  • Growth and development
  • Protection of the body from disease and infection.
  • For the normal functioning of the eyesight.

How to retain Vitamin A during cooking process

  • Wash and then cut the vegetables
  • Stir cook the vegetables
  • Cover the pan during cooking
  • Small amount of fat is to be used for cooking these vegetables, since they are fat soluble vitamins.
  • Cooking time to be decreased
  • Dry in shade or solar drying of these dark green leafy vegetables results in more retention of vitamin A and can be stored for future usage.

Vitamin A is stored in the liver of human body. When the consumption of this vitamin A is less, then the body is stored form of vitamin A is used up for carrying out several functions of the body.

What is VAD

VAD is the vitamin A deficiency, it occurs when insufficient amount of vitamin A intake occurs in the human body, Over a prolonged period of time.

VAD occurs to whom

  • All age groups are at risk on developing VAD
  • Children under 3 years of age
  • Pregnant women

They have the chances of occurrence of VAD in higher ratio than others.

Forms of Vitamin A deficiency

Night blindness, drying of the conjunctiva, bitot spots, corneal ulceration, eye damage.

Supplementation of Vitamin A

Administration of higher dosage of vitamin A,100000 IU at 9 months with measles immunization and 200000 IU once in six months for children 1-5 years of age are recommended.

Optimal Utilization of Vitamin A

Vitamin A since being fat-soluble vitamin, Smaller amount of fat is required in diet for the proper and better absorption in the human body. Vitamin A cannot be synthesized by the human  body, So consumption of vitamin A through diet becomes essential to meet the requirements and to safeguard the body from vision loss,other diseases and infections.

Size effects of Vitamin A dosage

  • Vitamin A is taken during pregnancy time, the organogenesis process of the foetus is slightly affected by the toxicity of vitamin A, since the foetus is highly sensitive to this vitamin A when taken in excess quantity than the required levels.
  • Higher quantity of Vitamin A is taken than the required amount which may even lead to bone fractures, since bone density decreases, thereby leading to osteoporosis and hip fractures too.
  • Excess consumption of Vitamin A may lead to decreased in appetite levels, blurred vision, hair loss, nausea, head pain, fever, weight loss, anemia, lethargic, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
  • Hepatic injury is found due to over dosage of Vitamin A along with alcohol consumption.

Vitamin A derivatives

1.Retinoids which are used in modulate gene functions

2.Retinyl palmitate is used in skin creams

3.Retinoic acid are used in preventing cancer, HIV diseases and in dermatological purpose

Vitamin A thus has a many vital function in human body, they strength then the immune system, essential for growth and development. It is a good essential micronutrient and gives immense benefit when taken in less quantity, and when overloading of this vitamin A occurs in human body then only shows its side effects, so try to incorporate this vitamin A on a required amount thereby to get benefit of this vitamin in your daily diet.

Thus, these essential nutrients help in release of energy from foods within its makeup and from those consumed to keep the skin, nerves and red blood cells in constant rejuvenation mode. enjoy this beneficial vitamin in your diet and get benefited out.

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