All you want to know about – ‘Cashew Nuts’

Cashew nuts, popularly known as ‘kaju’ are one of the famous dry fruits. These are mostly eaten in winters as they are a little warm. This kidney shaped fruit is beneficial and is used in many ways instead of just being eaten as a dry fruit.

Let’s see some of the main uses of the cashew nuts-

Medicinal benefits-

The bark of cashew tree can be used to treat diarrhea. It also helps in preventing cancer and other heart related problems. Foods for healthy eyes and it also reduces the risk of heat stroke. These small nuts can also prevent diabetes.

These nuts can help you remove your specs-

Yes, cashews are good for our eyes too. Cashews keep our eyes healthy, which are the most delicate part of our body. So having these small nuts daily can actually give you a good eye sight.

You can shed the extra kilos-

One more item added to the diet chart of people trying to reduce their weight. It reduces the buildup fat in our body and also the cholesterol in the heart. Don’t confuse it with the fat contained in these nuts because this is actually good fat which prevents weight gain.

Gives you stronger bones-

Though small, but these small things are very helpful. They can help you build your bones and also improves your body overall. The large content of magnesium present in them aids in keeping the bones healthy.

Your hair can be ‘ALL BLACK’-

To all the people who are dreaming about that black hair, yes, you still have that chance. Women hair care tips help you to make your hair shinier and healthier. Start eating cashew nuts and you can get that all black hair. Nuts, being rich in copper is good for our hair and also keeps our hair healthy and shiny.

You can score good marks-

Cashew nuts improves brain power, they enhance brain cells and also develops the memory. So, people start taking a handful of cashew nuts with us in your pocket during exams; you might remember everything in the hall.

Helpful in pregnancy-

Cashew nuts help in producing more of blood which is required and is necessary for the pregnant ladies. They actually act as ‘Vitamin Pills’ during this period and also helps in fighting fatigue.

Saving the dentist’s fees-

These small white nuts are also helpful in keeping our teeth healthy and also give us strong gums. They are also helpful for people suffering from tooth decay. Consumption of this fruit is also beneficial in giving whiteness to teeth.

Gives you a proper digestion-

They can help you quickly digest your food hence giving you a proper digestive system. Cashew nuts also help people suffering from constipation.

I am sure after reading all these benefits, these small kidney beans will no more appear to you that small rather now, you will look at them as most valuable fruit for your body containing a whole lot of benefits.


Sakshi Jain


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