Want to lose your holiday weight? Here are some tips!

Putting on weight during vacations is like a ritual in India!

May is officially break month for everybody!

Most of us are out for our vacations and we definitely need a break from routine too!

We enjoy completely during our vacation but something which is always haunting in our mind is,

” I am going to put on weight!” 

The next sentence immediately comes up,

“Who cares, will see when i get back home!”

This mostly happens with people who follow strict diet throughout the year and then everything goes in vain in that vacation span!

The only question which i will ask you is, why do you want to put yourself in those restrictions which is practically impossible to follow?

Why to get into depression zone when you know that the end result is this?

You either have 2 options:-

(1) Sacrifice your vacation and concentrate on your weight

(2) Or remove restrictions from yourself, take care of yourself and your weight even on your vacations!

But people choose out of the box option, gain weight during vacation and loose weight after coming from there!

So, the main point is- How to loose post vacation weight?

Here are some pointers which can help you deal with this!

(1) Don’t binge on leftovers!

  • What we tend to do is, start eating all the junk food which was by chance left in your bags during your travels.
  • If you plan to finish it off, your taste buds will ask for more and then you will reach out to your cravings.

More and some more will become a never ending process!

(2) Sip me a little more- Water!

  • You must have heard this, but that’s okay. Let me rewind. You must drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.

But wait, i have a different theory!

What i feel is, everybody is different then how can the water intake remain the same?

Just a simple work to do, Calculate it according to the method given below:-

Divide your body weight by 2 (Weight in pounds)

Whatever answer you get, divide it by 8.

The answer you get is the number of glasses you should drink everyday!

Isn’t it interesting!

  • To loose weight, all you need is a toxin free body which will aid in weight loss!
  • Your body will help you in fighting with infections- Strengthening your immunity!

(3) Detox your self with healthy detox plans

  • No No, its not another diet plan! Its a way to cleanse your system.
  • Its always better to give your body a break- Healthy break!
  • Cleansing different body organs always helps in good boost to the system.
  • Get in touch with your health expert for more information about cleanses and detox!

(4) Don’t go into extreme zone- About anything!

  • There is no ‘Shortcut’ to healthy life.
  • You cannot achieve success overnight, you have to strive for it. Your weight loss story shouldnt be in extreme rush, it should be in absolute pace!
  • Take small steps like going for a walk, then jog and then finally hitting those heavy workouts!
  • Restarting is not easy, everything is risked so better be careful.
  • Always ask your expert before resuming your workouts.

Mindful eating becomes very important in living a restriction free healthy life!

Trust me, you can eat everything but still not gain weight!

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

With varied degrees, Trishala Chopra gets a complete hold in her subject! She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies and her diploma in sports nutrition. Her knowledge in the field of naturopathy,yoga, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals makes her a complete package of knowledge!

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