Don’t ignore few warning signs of pregnancy, when you taken in to action earlier then the severity can be avoided and based on it right treatment can be given at correct time without fail. So when you come to notice these signs of pregnancy, take immediate action.

The following symptoms as warning signs of pregnancy

1.Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is somewhat scary to the pregnant women, she worries that whether it got aborted or not. Not only abortion remains the reason for vaginal bleeding, but also there are certain other causes which can be the reason for this bleeding in vagina. The cause for bleeding is more important to predict. When the embryo implants into uterus, then spotting is seen. This may be seen during earlier stages of pregnancy and you don’t worry about it. When you have sex recently, that may lead to tear in vagina and cause bleeding in it, these are quite commonest one. When you get infection on cervix or placenta then that would cause bleeding on vagina, also miscarriage will be the reason for bleeding or if the cervix region opens then it would lead to bleed with severe pain, these are the few sign of ectopic pregnancy, however a proper gynecologist consultation at this time and taking proper treatment by knowing the root cause of vaginal bleeding is essential.

2.Severe nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are seen quite common in all pregnancy, but when they occur in severe form, then you need to take medical attention, severe nausea and vomiting makes your body lack of water content and dehydration, so you need to hydrate your body to keep the baby safe. So consult the gynecologist, they would prescribe you right medicine so that dehydration is treated well and body gets sufficient water. In extreme severe case of vomiting and nausea doctor suggest taking intravenous drip, so that it would keep the pregnant women feel well hydrated.

3.Increased in body temperature

Increased in body temperature can occur during pregnancy, when your body temperature goes to 37 degree Celsius or more than it, it is said to be fever. If your fever is asymptomatic (without any other symptoms) then it can be treated by taking paracetamol, when other symptoms exist along with fever, then you need to consult doctor, she would prescribe you antibiotics to combat the infection and reduce the body temperature. If your temperature goes to 39 degree Celsius or more than that, then immediately without delaying go to hospital and take right treatment.

4.Calf or leg pain

Calf pain or leg pain are very common during pregnancy, but if it is severe and when a blood clot seen in leg and that may lead to development of deep vein thrombosis, so pain in calf and legs are very severe, this pain doesn’t relieve at all. Though you may give a good walk and flexing to your foot region, this pain does not vanish at all. There will be swollen of legs to extreme level, then you need to consult the doctor as soon as possible without fail.

5.Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is also commonest one, but if it is seen in increased level then you need to consult doctor, when the vaginal discharge is seen as bloody or mucus or watery it should be noted and informed to the doctor it can be a sign of infection in vagina. Then antibiotics to be given in order to treat this condition. Bloody discharge when seen then it may be a sign of delivery time or it may also be the sign of miscarriage. More than 37 weeks of pregnancy when your then in that time these bloody discharge indicates that you’re going to deliver a baby soon.

6.Breaking of waters

When the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is leaked down and when break of the sac happens, there will be occurrence of breaking of waters. This is an indication of labour time, but when you get this earlier during pregnancy, it can be a cause of infection or a sign of miscarriage. When you notice this, don’t ignore it meet your gynecologist and get treated. Also there is a chance for leakage of urine, which may not be called as breaking of waters; most pregnant ladies confuse this leakage of urine with breaking of waters. Finally when met with doctor, it is nothing to be worried says doctor. So when you have trickle or gush then kindly visit the hospital and remain in safer level.

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