“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.” – Mary Mason

Pregnancy doesn’t take you away from your daily routine but in certain cases a lot of things should be averted to mitigate the risk of miscarriage or any complications. In this article we clearly state the facts that should be taken care off.

Pregnant lady can take care herself with help of some tips as following-

Pregnant Lady

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol:

When alcohol is consumed by a pregnant lady, it crosses the placenta and affects the fetus. This can lead to a lot of fetal alcoholic disorders. The major health issues which incur are:

  • Physical abnormalities
  • Slow growth
  • Delay in development of the child
  • Poor coordination
  • Pre mature birth
  • Still birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Brain damage


  • Don’t sit or stand in the same position for too long:

Taking breaks and changing the positions regularly can help in avoiding problems like swollen ankles, vein problems, movement issues etc.

Try to move your legs if you are seated for a long time. This helps in proper blood circulation and avoids any kind of swelling of the limbs.


  • Avoid wearing high heels:

As the baby grows inside your body and belly shape changes and it might change your center of gravity. High heels can make you feel unbalanced and unsteady and might lead to falling down too. Try to stick to wedges, platform heels and less than 3 inches only.


  • Certain food products should be avoided:

There are some foods which a pregnant woman should avoid eating since at this stage they are more liking to catch food borne diseases:

  • Unpasteurized juices or drinks: These products might contain listeria and other bacteria that may cause uneasiness or food poisoning.
  • Raw meat and fish: These products including sushi may contain salmonella and toxoplasmosis and it might lead to foodborne problems for pregnant women. These problems include dehydration, fever, blood infection that is harmful for the fetus.
  • Raw eggs: Raw eggs also contain salmonella which harms the fetus. Thus foods such as unbaked cookie dough or Caesar salad dressing should be avoided.


  • Avoid passive smoking:

Passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking and thus should be avoided at any cost. If you are exposed to passive or secondhand smoking, then you inhale 4,000 chemicals at once that are linked to cancer. Thus might lead to following problems:

  • Low birth weight
  • Premature delivery
  • Miscarriage
  • Slow learning issues with the baby as it grows


  • Avoid too much caffeine:

In the same way in which alcohol crosses placenta, caffeine also affects the fetus.

The best measure is to limit the intake of caffeine to 300 milligrams per day which amounts to 1.5 cups per day. If greater quality is taken than this then it might increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight etc. To our surprise caffeine is not just present in tea or coffee but you can also find that in chocolates, sodas, and certain medicines.


  • Hot tubs and Sauna belts should be avoided:

Taking a hot water bath is always the best way to relax but increasing the body temperature in the first trimester of pregnancy can harm the health of the baby. Instead of hot water bath try taking warm water instead. Hot tubs can cause hyperthermia, or abnormally high body temperature, which may lead to congenital abnormalities. Apart from hot tubs the following things can also lead to increasing the body temperature and thus should be avoided:

  • Sunbathing for long
  • Sauna belts
  • Exposure to extreme heat
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive exercise


  • Lifting heavy weights:

During pregnancy lifting weights should be avoided as this might lead to problems like:

  • Premature baby
  • Pulled muscle pain
  • Low birth weight


  • Avoid certain exercises:

Exercising a bit during pregnancy is important as it makes you feel healthy and active but certain exercises should be avoided like:

  • Jumping
  • Sudden jerks
  • Sit ups
  • Bouncing

Apart from this certain exercises like walking, squats, swimming can be done by pregnant lady but only after the consultation from the routine doctor.


  • Stay away from toxicity of paints:

Toxicity comes in different measures in paints. It depends on individual solvents and chemicals in the paint and thus the exposure should be avoided. Household painting has lesser level of chemical fumes in paints but they should be avoided for any kind of exposure.


  • Avoid certain medications:

There are certain medications which should be avoided will being pregnant. Cold and flu medications should be avoided with certain ingredients. Acne medicines should also be avoided. These medications might have certain ingredients which might harm or hinder the proper growth of the fetus. To our surprise certain herbal medicines should also be avoided.

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