What You Shouldn’t do During a Cough?

A cough is one of the most irritating health issues. It can be disruptive to your days and keep you awake at nights. There are certain reasons behind a cough. It can be because of an infection, sickness, or the side effects of medications. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are suffering from a cough.

Among all, you should take special care of your diet. There are a few things that you should avoid when you are suffering from a cough. Just take a look:

  1. Say NO to Cold Food Items: When you have a cough, it is very important to avoid cold food items such as ice-cream, yogurt, cold- drinks etc. Although there is no evidence that how these foods worsen or trigger a cough, but still doctors suggest to stay away from cold foods while suffering from a cough.
  2. No More Overeating at Night:If you are already suffering from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), then it is best for you to not to have heavy foods at night. When you have GERD, it is difficult for you to digest food properly. Thus, the acid available in your stomach can flow back into your food pipe. It can cause the irritation and trigger a cough. Hence, it is not just better, but suggested to have your dinner early and maintain the gap of at least 2 hours between your dinner and sleeping times.
  3. Say Goodbye to Fried Foods:We all know that fried foods are very oily in nature and such type of food can trigger your cough. These foods produce a compound known as ‘Acrolein’. This compound acts like an allergen that intensifies the coughing problem and causes itching in the throat. Therefore, it is best to bid adieu such foods during a cough. Use of Watermelon or other fruits in your diet can helpful to recover your cough easily.
  4. No Smoking:Well! Believe it or not, but smoking is the biggest cause of a cough. Smoking not just irritates your throat lining, but expands the recovery duration as well. When you have a cough and you keep on smoking, it can lead your cough towards the most miserable conditions such as cancer. So, quit smoking while you are suffering from a cough.
  5. Stay Away From Caffeinated Beverages: If you have a cough because of GERD and acidity, then it will be best for you to avoid such beverages. These types of drinks will increase the acidic issue which will also intensify your coughing problem.
  6. Take Proper Rest:Well, it sounds ridiculous if you take a leave from work just because of a cough, but it is extremely important to protect yourself from over-exertion during a cough. Coughing simply means that something is going wrong in your body. So take this indication seriously and find some time from your hectic routine for a proper rest when suffering from a cough.

So, these are some of the most important things to avoid while suffering from a cough. Apart from these, you should also avoid the consumption of dairy products. If you are still confused, then you can talk to your physician for better consultation.


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