Most of us believe that hard work is the key to success, but sometimes we want and expect some miracles to happen so that we could get what we want or we want something to happen which we believe is out of our scope and ability at that time we make a wish. Yeah, we make wish, we go to temples, do some traditional stuff in a hope that these thing would get us what we want and would fulfill our wishes. There are many traditional scenarios which are believed to be perfect to make a wish like making a wish some are like blowing the birthday candles, making a wish under a shooting star etc. One of such activities or traditions is wish on eyelashes. You must have seen children or adults making a wish with a fallen eyelash. They don’t throw it away or waste it but take it as a chance to make a wish from god.

Before we enter to this custom’s details let us see why we have eyelashes. The possible benefits of eyelashes are:-

1) The Look – Longer eyelashes are stunning, especially on ladies.

2) Health benefits – Eyelashes keep dust and foreign particles out of our delicate and sensitive eyes.

3) Shorter Grooming time – If you have longer eyelashes you don’t need to spend as much time preparing your eyelashes and applying makeup.

Let us understand how this works. Whenever an eyelash falls, people put it on the back of their hand, close their eyes, make a wish they want to come to true and throw the eyelash over the shoulder carefully. It is believed that if the lash falls over the shoulder successfully, your wish just might come true and according to folklores if the lash gets stuck anywhere and doesn’t fall on the shoulder, the wish will not come true.

Other belief is that you blow the lash of your hand and if the lash leaves the hand successfully, the wish will come true otherwise it won’t.

There is a third belief as well, as per the Cornish students, a free eyelash must be set on the tip of the nose or the back of the hand. In the event that it is effectively brushed off the surface. Nobody knows if any of these believes is true, or have a logical explanation but people believe and many of us do this whenever we get the opportunity to do it. But there is one thing which everyone should remember that it’s not that one should deliberately take off an eyelash and make a wish. This only works (if at all it works) if an eyelash falls naturally and you catch it and make a wish. Also it is not at all a smart move to pull out your lashes under any conditions. An eyelash can take as long as about two months to develop back and eyelashes are an important part of our body and helps our eyes in many different ways.

So far we have talked by the custom, its working and belief among people, let us now look that origin behind the custom and how it got started at first place. As per another arrangement of age-old conventions, this custom appears to have a terrifying association with black magic also. Obviously, when you blow away a lash, you shoo away the devil. This convention originates from the conviction that the devil tries to collect as much human hair as possible in an attempt to gain control over the people. So, when you let go of a stray lash, you don’t enable the demon to pick up and have control over you. Nobody knows if the story is true and has a logical explanation, or has anything written in any of our holy books, but this is what is believed and like other stories of other customs this is what people believe in and hence make a wish because we don’t know if our wish would come true or not but nobody wants to waste an opportunity when one has in order to get his/her wish come true.

The bottom line is while we can’t vouch for the credibility of this logic, yet sending out a little prayer to a meteorite, supplicating at 11:11 and wishing on a fallen eyelash, all have a similar impact. They are as valid as you need them to be. In spite of the fact that, this does not imply that you ought to intentionally begin hauling out lashes, just to make a desire. All things considered, they shield our eyes from residue, dust, debris and other unwanted particles from entering.

So now next time whenever you brush off a stray lash from the back of your hand, you can gloat about the recently discovered information, associated with its naughty starting point.

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