You will be shocked to know the sugar and calories content in your daily beverages!

People these days are drinking artificial beverages like they are drinking water!

I dont know if people are ignoring their health over these beverages or they are genuinely not aware about what they are doing.

It either of the cases, awareness becomes very important!

In this article, i am giving you insights about the sugar and calories content of all the beverages!

Make sure you choose wisely next time you drink this!


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Coke1- 300 ml16140 g
Fanta1-335 ml16044 g
Pepsi1- 591 ml25069 g
Sprite1- 150 ml19049 g
Frooti1- 200 ml13032 g
Maaza1- 250 ml3243 g
Mountain Dew1- 355 ml17046 g
7 up1- 591 ml24063 g
Thumbs up1- 100 ml574 g
Nimbooz1- 100 ml131758 g
Appy fizz1- 160 ml2544 g
Pinacolada (Bisleri)1- 100 ml32514 g
Frooti fizz1- 250 ml901 g
Lemonade (Dukes)1- 237 ml480 g
Nescafe- Chilled latte1- 200 ml177528 g
Nescafe- Intense cafe1- 200 ml132528 g
Nescafe- Hazelnut1- 200 ml122328 g
Tuborg (Zero)1- 100 ml204316 g
Red Bull1- 250 ml245736 g
Monster1- 250 ml1108 g

I hope this gives you clear picture about what goes in your body!

Be careful about what you drink!

Its your body, not a dumping ground!

Any questions for me?

Post it below!

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Dt.Trishala Chopra

With varied degrees, Trishala Chopra gets a complete hold in her subject! She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies and her diploma in sports nutrition. Her knowledge in the field of naturopathy,yoga, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals makes her a complete package of knowledge!

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