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Winter is the most expected climate by most of us; it is the wonderful period of the whole year, but the only drawback is its ill effects. Yes many seasonal diseases arise with this winter, all love to welcome winter by its extreme chillness. Diet will help to counter the winter side effects, in this session we shall discuss about the diet, which should be taken this winter and stay away from those dreadful diseases.


Red peppers


Red peppers are denser source of vitamin-C, which enhances the immunity power. The fatigue is prevented by this amazing red pepper. It helps to fight against cold. Comparatively oranges contain less vitamin-c than red peppers. This excellent food is must in your winter diet, it posses the antioxidant properties with its higher carotene content.

Smoked Salmon


Damage to our skin can be prevented by taking smoked salmon, this fish contains good amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which is good for the eye, heart and brain health. These fatty acids from salmon stay on the epidermal layer of our skin, thus helps in protecting and safeguarding our skin by retaining moisture level and helping out in balancing pH level, this is why salmon are highly recommended food during the whole winter season.



Mushrooms are low in calorie, very nutritious and it is a vegetarian’s healthy protein based food. Mushrooms contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which when taken during winter helps to ward off the cold infections from occurring. The vitamin-d is high in button mushroom, which helps in enhancing the immunity power. The other nutrients found in mushrooms are selenium, copper, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, iron, vitamin-c and protein. The one thing must be considered before taking mushrooms, that is it has to be completely cooked thoroughly, otherwise it will be indigestible by the cell membranes.



Everyone loves to eat cheese, cheese helps to boosting vitamin-d level in our body, this vitamin-d helps to protect from winter, it posses disease preventing properties and is required to maintain optimum health of an individual. Lack of vitamin-d in diet may cause fatigue, sleepiness and lack of motivation among them.

Oily fish


Our lungs are highly affected during winter season, due to respiratory infection and colds. These oily fishes contain higher omega-3 fatty acids levels, which helps in protecting our lungs from those infectious diseases. At least thrice in a week eating oily fishes are advised during winter. Salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring are the oily fishes to be eaten during winter season.



Anthocyannin are the antioxidant which is highly seen in wild blueberries, it has a good healing effect. The free radical damage and toxic effects are treated well by these blueberries, thus protecting our body from dreadful diseases and defending against those disease causing substances, thus it is an excellent food which is must in your winter diet.



Cinnamon is the nature’s real gift; it has the ability to provide warmness in the stomach and helping in digestion, by boosting our metabolic rate. Metabolism of food in digestive system is happened well through cinnamon intake in our diet. Cinnamon helps in losing your weight and it is an excellent food that should be had in winter season.



Serotonin hormone level should be in balance in our body, in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. Serotonin hormone is obtained from tryptophan, this occurs through eating bananas, dairy products, dates, peanuts, almonds and soya. If you mix up the banana to the cereals like brown rice, oats or whole wheat bread that will immediately transport the tryptophan to our brain thus helps in tryptophan manufacture. We mentally become ill during winter period, so for that tryptophan and serotonin helps a lot.



All essential nutrients are found in dates, it helps to keep our body warmer. Immediate energy is attained to our body, by after consuming dates. It is rich source of magnesium, calcium, vitamins, iron and fibre. All these nutrients are required for keeping our body warmer. It has the power to treat cold effectively. When asthma patients taken this dates fruit, it helps in quick healing and a good relief from wheezing.

Sesame seeds


These sesame seeds are compact with all nutritious properties; it gives a good warmness during winter, so it is a must food in winter period. Social in eating among family members is brought out by winter period.

Apart from this you can include onions, garlic in your diet plenty; they are nutritious and enhance the immunity power. Also you can include papaya, pineapple, amla, carrots, yam, leafy greens, potato, whole grains and pulses in your diet. This all foods are best choices of food which can be included in winter duration.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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