Worried due to terror of Mosquitoes? Then adopt these natural remedies…

Mosquitoes bother in all the weather, but in monsoon, it starts to bother more, no matter how much you take safety measures they always bother you. With mosquito bites in monsoon, the risk of serious diseases such as dengue and malaria, and more increases. To get rid of mosquitoes, some natural remedies are very beneficial. Nowadays many anti-mosquito devices and medicines are there but using them are also harmful to our body. The Coil we use, causes the harm to be equal to 100 cigarettes, instead of using them, we should destroy mosquitoes by natural remedies.

Measures to Avoid Mosquitoes

  • The mosquito needs water to grow so that if you see a bucket full of water, box or any other in your home and the surrounding area, then immediately empty it.
  • Keep the place, gutters or gardens neat around your house. Apart from this, make sure to make way for the rainwater and the water from the roof and the garden to flow out, so that mosquitoes cannot live in it.
  • If you have a cascade, fountain or swimming pool, keep it clean regularly. Keep changing its water and spray it with water when necessary.
  • Apart from this, there should also be an aquarium in the house which should have some fish that eat insects or mosquitoes. There must be such aquarium which is open from above so that the fish eat easily nearby mosquitoes.
  • If there is a pet in the house then keep its pot clean. They are more attracted to the bottle of glass or juice of empty water.

Home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes

  1. Make a solution of kerosene oil, 30 drops of neem oil, 20 grams of coconut oil and 2 pieces of Kapoor and burn it in the lantern. Mosquitoes will soon disappear.
  2. If you use coconut and neem oil to light the lamp, then the mosquitoes never will be around you.
  3. Put 10-15 cloves in the half part of the lemon, place it close to the bed, you will find that there is no mosquito near you.
  4. Where you live, keep the grated celery in the mustard oil and keep it around the room in the cardboard pieces, they will not come out.
  5. They run away once you burn dried peeled oranges with coal.
  6. If you want to keep them away from your home, then plant a banana flower plant around your house.
  7. Rub the mustard oil on the skin during sleep at night, it’s smell will not let the mosquito to bite you.
  8. Basil leaves are quite beneficial. Rub the juice of basil leaves on the body. This will keep mosquitoes away.
  9. It is said that chewing the raw buds of garlic keeps the mosquitoes away from the body. Because garlic keeps mosquitoes away.
  10. This is the best solution. Refill the empty All out refill with neem oil and camphor and put it back in the machine, They will run for their life.
  11. Do a soft massage of soybean oil. This will keep them away. Apart from this, Eucalyptus oil is also very effective.
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