Yoga And Your Health

Although it is very hard to determine the origins of the yoga, it is believed that the beginning stages of the yoga developed in the Indus- Sarasvati civilization. The mention of the word ‘Yoga’ can be seen in one of the oldest sacred text, namely the Rig Veda. Yoga allows the people to increase their strength, and bring harmony, and peace in their lives.

Yoga provides you with physical as well as mental benefits. It improves your health in multiple ways and allows you live your life to the fullest. Yoga includes breathing exercises, various asanas, yoga poses, and meditation. The benefits of the yoga are profound. Here are some of the many benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

1.It increases your flexibility. Various yoga stretches can help you to increases your body flexibility. Some of these poses, and stretches include forward fold, spinal twist, butterfly twist, and crescent pose.

2.It increases your muscle tone and muscle strength. Practicing yoga poses on regular basis can help you gain muscle strength, improvise your muscle tone.

3.Your respiration and energy are improvised. People who practice yoga have higher energy level than the ones who do not practice yoga. They are more attentive, and active.

4.It helps you maintain a balanced metabolism. Different yoga poses help you to maintain a healthy and balanced metabolism, which in turn improves the digestive system, and keeps you healthy and fit.

5.It helps you to reduce your weight. If you are looking for losing your extra kilos, and gain a healthy body, then yoga is the way for you. Regularly, and properly practicing yoga can help you reduce your weight.

6.It helps in maintaining your circulatory, and cardiovascular health. Yoga actually helps you to improve the working of various of your organs, including the heart. It helps you maintain a normal blood pressure level and your cardiovascular health.

7.Yoga protects you from injury.  Yes, it is totally true. By improving your flexibility, and strength, yoga, actually protects you from getting any injuries.

8.Yoga improves your athletic performance.  It improves your strength and energy and thereby contributes to your improvised athletic performance. Your stamina is increased.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

1.It helps you to manage your stress. Yoga teaches you how to manage your stress. Meditation calms your mind and takes you away from the stress, that can have devastating effects on your health.

2.It gives you mental clarity. When you practice yoga, you achieve the state of mental clarity. You are more open to understanding things, and you think before acting. Your anxiety reduces.

3.It gives you a sense of peace. Yoga makes you feel calm, and more at ease with yourself. Your attention and concentration are improved. You are positively more self-aware of yourself.

Yoga is as beautiful as it gets. It helps you in maintaining your overall health. You just need to practice regularly. Yoga is the perfect way to tune in with your body, and mind.

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