15 Best Yoga Poses For Beginners At Home For Weight Loss

Yoga Poses For Beginners At Home For Weight Loss

With now Yoga day being celebrated internationally every year since June 21, 2015, the relevance and significance of Yoga poses for the health of mankind need no further explanation or discussion. The advantages and benefits of yoga poses are now being acclaimed internationally by Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

There are international stars who swear by Yoga poses. The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Star Kendall Jenner who is a paparazzi favorite has been snapped many times outside Hollywood Yoga Studios along with her sisters and at times with other celebrities practicing Yoga poses. Recently she got social media buzzing after the model struck a tree pose at the very edge of a rock.

The Iron Man actress of Hollywood Gwyneth Paltrow has been practicing Yoga poses for near about two decades. The actress told a daily publication recently that Yoga poses physically completely changed her.  “I found strength. And mentally, it’s taught me just patience and letting go,” she told the publication.  Among all Bollywood actors and actresses, Shilpa Shetty is most vocal about her love for Yoga poses. She has a fitness channel to her credit which features countless Yoga videos of her practicing Yoga poses.

 In this article, we will tell you about 6 Yoga poses for beginners, 3 yoga poses for Beginners at home and 6 benefits of Yoga poses for beginners for weight loss. Here we go.

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Top 6 Yoga Poses For Beginners

 These Yoga poses for beginners are for people who are brand new to Yoga. Yoga postures ensure you don’t feel any kind of discomfort while practicing Yoga poses in a class. Yoga poses will definitely help you start on the right path.

i). Mountain Pose

This pose is considered the base for all standing Yoga poses.  The mountain Yoga poses gives the beginners a sense how to ground into their feet to feel the earth below them.  This pose is much simpler than other Yoga poses but it marks the perfect beginning of your Yoga. You just need to stand with your feet together, press down and spread your toes open. Then engage quadriceps to lift kneecaps through your inner thighs.  And draw abdominals in and up while lifting your chest and press shoulder tops down.  You should feel shoulder blades coming towards each other.  Open the chest while your palms should face inwards towards your body. Hold for about 8 breaths.

ii). Downward Facing Dog Pose

After mountain Yoga poses, you can try Downward Facing Dog pose as well. This pose is used in most of the Yoga poses and its benefit is that it stretches and strengthens the body of the practicing person. That is why Yoga Pundits keep on saying “a down dog a day keeps the doctor away.”  Now the question arises how to practice these Yoga poses.  Here is how to do this Yoga pose.

First of all, come onto your all fours. You wrists should be under your shoulders and knees under hips.   Just tuck under toes and lift hips up off the floor as you will draw them up towards heels. Keep your knees bent slightly if your hamstrings are tight. For those Yoga practitioners, whose hamstrings are not tight they can straighten out their legs keeping their hip back.

iii). Plank Yoga Pose

Plank is one more useful Yoga poses for beginners. It teaches Yoga Practitioner how to balance on hands making use of the entire body to support.  This yoga pose is considered one of the great ways to strengthen the abdominal muscles. And one more benefit of it is that it makes the Yoga practitioner learn how to use breath to stay in a challenging pose for a long time.  It is a very simple exercise that requires practitioner tuck under toes from all fours and lifts legs up off the mat. And then slide heels back until one feels he/ she is one straight line of energy from head to feet.  Then engage your lower abdominals, draw shoulders down away from ears, and pull ribs take 8-10 deep breaths.

iv). Triangle Yoga Pose

Triangle is another favorite pose of beginners aspiring to practice Yoga poses .It is an amazing standing posture to stretch waist sides, open up lungs. It strengthens your legs and tones your whole body.

To start this pose, stand with your feet one legs length apart. Then open your arms and stretch them to the heights at the shoulder height. Then turn right foot out 90 degrees and left 45 degrees.   As you hinge to one side over right leg, engage quadriceps and the abdominal muscles. Then keep right hand down on ankle, knee or shin and left your left arm go up to the ceiling. Simply turn your gaze to top hand and hold for about 8 breaths.  Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

v). Tree Yoga Pose

This is the Yoga poses we were talking of above. It is the favourite Yoga poses of Fashion Model Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner. It is a very beautiful looking pose for beginners to gain focus and clarity. And most important is you are able to learn to breathe while standing on one foot.  To start this yoga pose, bring your feet together and then keep your right foot on the inner upper left thigh. Press your hands as in prayer and fix your gaze on a spot right in front of you.  On one side hold breath for 8-10 breaths and then switch to another side. Always ensure that you are not leaning into the standing leg and keep abdominal muscles engaged and shoulders engaged.

vi). Warrior 1 yoga pose

Warrior 1 is one of the favorite yoga poses for beginners that build their stamina and strength.  These Yoga poses infuses the confidence in the Yoga practitioner.  It stretches their thighs and hips and makes the lower portion of the body strong.

To start these yoga poses, just take a giant step back with the left foot coming towards lunge, and then turn left heel down and angle left toes at 750.    Then lift chest and press palms up overhead.  Then gently step forward and repeat on opposite leg.

Stand with your feet one legs length apart. Then open your arms and stretch them to the heights at the shoulder height. Then turn right foot out 90 degrees and left 45 degrees.   As you hinge to one side over right leg, engage quadriceps and the abdominal muscles. Then keep right hand down on ankle, knee or shin and left your left arm go up to the ceiling. Simply turn your gaze to top hand and hold for about 8 breaths.  Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

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Top 3 Yoga Poses For Beginners At Home

Yoga poses are the best of all ways to increase body flexibility and strength and at the same time. Yoga poses are a way of meditation that relaxes your body and allows you to live some moments of your life in calm out of chaos.  If you have not done Yoga poses before then here are three best Yoga poses for the beginners who want to practice Yoga at home. Take some time out of your busy schedule and use it to practice these 3 yoga poses at home. These Yoga poses will not just make you stronger and fitter but calmer and happier as well.  Here are some best Yoga poses that a beginner can practice at home:

i). Warrior 2 Yoga Pose

These Yoga poses reduces distress and increases the mobility of the spine and also improves the spine mobility and back health. You will not suffer from back pain which is very common in the later stage if the life.  If you will make these yoga poses a habit of your life, it will improve your leg, arms and abdominal strength.

Start from downward facing dog pose, just life left foot and move it towards the front of your mat and place it between hands. The drop your right knee slowly to the mat and point it towards your knees. And raise the left hand towards ceiling and tack shoulder blades one above other. Attempt to hold this pose for at least 3 breaths.  Now step left foot in the backward direction into the plank or downward facing dog and now repeat the yoga poses on the opposite side.

ii). Tree Pose

It is a very easy pose but it makes easy for beginners to gradually start more complicated Yoga poses. These Yoga poses stretch the works your abdominal muscles and builds calves. The best thing about these Yoga poses is that you can practice this at home with ease.

Standing on your mat with your feet hip-width apart, then ground your left foot into the mat and raise your right knee towards your chest. One more way to perform Tree yoga poses is to turn knee too far right and place foot close to the groin as possible below or above the knee, just resist your thigh against foot and vice versa.   Place hands to heart and remain in this pose for as much time as you can.  You can also vary your yoga poses by raising hands above head, open arms wider than shoulder distance and gaze to the ceiling.   Then repeat the same procedure on the other side as well.

iii). Chair Pose

The chair pose is one of the basic yoga poses that beginners can very easily practice at home.  You need to stand up with feet hip-width apart with your foot pointing forward, take a deep long breath and raise arms straight overhead.

In the next step of the chair Yoga poses push shoulders down away from ears, bend at hips and lower your body just like as sitting in a chair. You can go as low as you are comfortable with.   Lengthen through the spine and breathe deeply.  Attempt to remain in this pose for at least six to eight breaths, then come back to standing pose and repeat the same procedure.

From the chair yoga poses, raise your hands to ceil and come back to standing pose, now breathe out and bend body at hips and lower head towards the floor.

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Top 6 Benefits of  Yoga Poses for Beginners for Weight Loss

Yoga poses are full of benefits, there is no doubt about it and it has been proved hundreds of studies.  Here are the top 6 physical and mental benefits of yoga.

  1. Yoga poses improve your all around health and fitness, increases your mental strength, improves physical strength, detoxifies body
  2. Yoga poses are considered one of the most effective solutions for weight loss. The sedentary lifestyle has increased the number of obese people around the world. So weight loss is now a very common desire in the world. The regular Yoga poses at home or class will help you get rid of the excess weight. Moreover, Yoga poses also tends to make us more sensitive towards the kind of food we eat and this helps us in keeping a check on our weight.
  3. The Yoga is a form of body meditation that gives relief from stress. A half hour Yoga poses a day is enough to get rid of daily stress. Once you will start practicing Yoga poses, you will start experiencing the calming effects of it in just a few days.
  4. The Yoga poses are one of the most effective ways to achieve inner peace; we love to visit serene and peaceful spots spending millions of rupees. But little do we realize that with the help of Yoga poses we can bring inner peace without spending a penny. Yoga poses calm the disturbed mind.
  5. The immunity is a must for our body to fight infections and diseases. When you practice Yoga poses, it strengthens your body muscles and deep meditation improves the immunity of the body.
  6. Yoga poses have numerous intangible benefits and one of them is they improvise your relationships and infuses a new strength in them. Since it makes you cool and calm, yoga poses improve your relationship with spouse, friends, parents and other loved ones. Always remember a happy and a contended individual is better able to deal with sensitive relationships than others.
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