Yoga : Top 5 reasons to start it daily

Yoga is considered to be the ancient cultural heritage of India. Indian prime minister Narendra  Modi at his speed at united nations general assembly suggested 21 June as International yoga day. This decision was finally taken on 11 December. This day was purposely chosen because this is the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere.

Yoga is generally referred to some physical, mental and spiritual exercises. This form of exercise originated centuries back. This is mentioned in Rigveda. It got out of India when Swami Vivekananda took it to west in late 19th century. It is considered to be effective in many diseases some as deadly as cancer. On December 1, 2016 it got listed as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

From long time, this method is the best companion for the people wishing. It is  for a better tuning in their mind and body. There are many yoga benefits but the article will give you 5 reasons why you should immediately take up it in your daily routine.

  • keeps the blood flowing well

Most of the exercises involve stretching of your body. This stretching makes the entire body, each muscle and each joint active again. This betters the flow of blood in our body. The bitter truth is that some of us do carry out a very sedentary lifestyle that gives rise to poor blood flow.

The biggest effect that poor blood flow has on body is that the toxins produced in the metabolic processes get accumulated in the body. It is scientifically identified to help the body flush out the toxins from it.

  • gives you unmatched flexibility

The above line must not be a surprise or an amazing fact to you. Yoga is mainly comprised of the exercises involving stretching and compression. This stretching involves almost every part of the body. It really tests your entire body. Most body tests might not be even visible to your eyes but after continued practice, you might achieve the flexibility that you might never have thought of.

  • Yoga makes you happier


Generally speaking, exercises that we do are always helpful in producing the happy hormones in our body. Exercise is considered to be the best medicine to counter depression. Yoga also gives in the same effects. The meditation, considered to be the most primary part of yoga is believed to boost the production of happy hormones. Once the hormones get produced it gives the pleasant sensation of happiness . You can experience it only after doing yoga.

  • helps in making your life free from pain

Many people nowadays are facing body ache and the striking thing is the age at which they start experiencing it. Yoga helps in fighting against this pain. It helps in fighting the back pain that almost everyone suffers from. It is considered to be the natural way to fight the pain in your body. The easy positions can make your life easy by eliminating pain from your body.

  • keeps you mind free from stress

Biggest problem that almost everyone is suffering from is stress. This six lettered word is almost the cause of every problem that we face. Meditation involved in yoga helps you get your stress levels down. If you concentrate your mind over one thing, it will get calm and because of which stress levels will surely drop.

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