For vegetarians, tofu remains as the excellent alternative protein source. This tofu is enriched with iron, calcium, amino acids and several micronutrients. Tofu is termed as the bean curd, which is derived from soya. The soy milk is allowed to curdling and then done with the processing of pressing to fine blocks. Afterwards, these are cooled down. Then tofu or soya paneer is ready, it is a healthy choice food. In Chinese and Thai cookery this tofu remains the important ingredient. This is an all-time favorite dish, made easy with few little preparation method. There are lots of tofu recipes available, all are mostly from Chinese or Thai based. Tofu can be stir-fried, deep-fried, made into soups or added with other vegetables and prepare a variety of dishes.

The combo of fish and tofu are really good. The seasonings are absorbed well by tofu, so easily can be prepared this recipe. The soya paneer balls give crispy in taste and delicious. Soya paneer balls go even well with chili sauce, everybody has to really give a try of making this awesome recipe, it is something different in taste and if you’re bored of preparing the same recipe, then you should prepare this in your kitchen, it is healthy and nutritious, yummy too.


Tofu (soya paneer)-150 gram


Maida flour-4 tablespoon

Green chilies- finely chopped

Coriander leaves- finely chopped

Salt-as per taste requirement

Bread slices- 4 or 5 (corner of bread slices to be discarded)

Baking soda- little

Tomato puree or tomato ketchup- 3 tablespoon

Soya sauce-little

Vinegar-few drops

Caramelized sugar- for colour

Water- as per requirement


Method of preparation

Scrape the soya paneer and keep it aside, now take the bread slices and cut it into cubes, keep this aside now. Take a bowl, to it add bread cubes, curd and stir well nicely, after stirring up keep this mixture aside. Pick another bowl to it now add tofu (scrapped), maida flour, green chilies, coriander leaves, salt, baking soda, bread and curd mixture. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and prepare dough out of it. Use hands nicely to knead the dough well, make now round balls and deep fry in the heated oil. When the balls turn in to a golden brown, remove from oil and keep all prepared tofu balls separately in a bowl.

For preparing sauce, place the kadai on the stove and add the pureed tomatoes to it, soya sauce, vinegar, caramelized sugar, water and salt. Now mix these all ingredients together nicely. Allow to cook until it thickens, then remove from fire and serve hot with soya paneer balls or you can dip the tofu balls in the sauce and keep toothpick in the centre and now your yummy soya paneer balls with barbecue sauce is ready to be served, when party comes, don’t worry try this dish and serve to everyone on the party period, you will be praised for preparing such a mouth-watering delicious recipe.


The essential amino acids are eight in number; those amino acids are present in this soya paneer. Vitamin-B1, zinc, manganese, selenium, and magnesium are found higher in tofu. This tofu helps in protecting our body from the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. During osteoporosis, tofu can have plenty in their diet, since it strengthens the bone, by building bone mass and prevents from demineralization of bone. The menopause women can get benefit out of it; all these properties of tofu are due to its phytoestrogen content in it. Phytoestrogens are the plant estrogens, which act like estrogen in the body and binds to estrogen receptor site and helping to prevent the females from breast cancer.

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